When you're scrolled down, new items at the top are now hidden behind "x new items" (regardless of "slow mode" setting). The benefit is less scrolling glitches.

Hmm, I wonder if people answered this poll honestly based on how they use the UI, or if my reasoning for making the change sounded like something they had to answer "yes" to... After using it for a few days I am firmly in the "I hate it, undo it" camp 😕

I think it's important to mention that if you want new items to show up as "x new items" instead of popping up live, always, that's "slow mode" in the preferences! You can enable it anytime, that's independent of the aforementioned UX tweak.

@Gargron Suggestion: with Slow mode off, also use a JS page scroll trigger to automatically show new posts hidden behind 'x new items' when you hit the top of the page

@Parnikkapore @Gargron ANd make sure it unfolds upwards so you can easily keep reading them in chronological order, right?

@MPurpureus @Gargron I just read your hot take, and yeah, it should. Given we're working with OP JS here, it should be trivial.

@Gargron That makes you scroll back down to see tweets by time posted?

@Gargron Like, you get a "this many tweets" and then click on it, then it unfolds straight down instead of up so you have to scroll down and then slowly back up

@Gargron I'm not sure what you mean. I just want a clear way to make sure I can read *all* new toots since the last toot that I read so that I can feel the satisfaction of being "caught up".

Keep your anime teenagers off gab or I'll start posting politics here and you can't ban me @Gargron

@Gargron - Seems like the Federated Timeline only scrolls for a couple seconds now then shows "x new items" and increments "x"
Clicking on that doesn't make it live again either.

@abortretryfail Are you scrolled to the very top when you click the x?

@abortretryfail Oh, I see what you mean -- the button inserts the new items but keeps you in the position below them. I see

@Gargron Exactly.
If you scroll up a lot and keep clicking on it, you can sometimes eventually catch up, but it's a lot of scrolling and clicking. :)

Not sure how useful that really is to people. Maybe it's just a gratuitous waste of bandwidth but I kind of enjoy having a feed of random junk.

@Gargron This is one of those times I wish I could see the poll results without voting myself 😅

@Gargron wait so.. whats the difference? cause i've got it even though i have that off

@citrustwee "When you're scrolled down, new items at the top are now hidden behind "x new items" (regardless of "slow mode" setting)."

@Gargron ok i didnt read the regardless of slow mode setting part. my bad. yeah personally i dont like it either

@Gargron also a scroll to top button would be VERY helpful especially for mobile

@elthanor On mobile you can tap the top of the screen to scroll to top. On mobile and desktop you can table the column header to scroll it to top.

@Gargron I'd consider it a nice addition since there are apps that do that, but I can see why some may not be a fan of the idea.

@Gargron kinda went from mostly indifferent to leaning more to the hate it side

@Gargron it's also annoying how you sometimes have to click multiple times back-and-forth to get back to the top and have it auto-scroll again

@Gargron main thing that bugged me was clicking on the column header to scroll to top, then clicking on "x new items" caused it to keep showing "x new items" notification instead of toggling the live view

@Gargron I used it and am new to Mastadon.

It's a reasonable UI tweak, IMHO. The big thing is people can understand there are things to see, and it's not hard to see them.

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