If you are new to Mastodon, consider setting a profile picture and making a few posts before following people, so they know you are a real person

@Gargron or just use a picture of a pornstar, and pretend to be that pornstar

@healyn @Gargron or tell everyone that you're the REAL eugen and you made mastodon and the other eugen is a sentient plant-hybrid trying to steal your body (like the plot of that goosebumps book)

@johntherun I knew I should've stayed out of that basement...but there were ice cream bars in the freezer :blobcoffeeraccoon: @healyn @Gargron

@gargron *deletes profile picture and sets posts to private*

@gargron I just reported an account that looks like a spambot. I hope I'm correct...

@Gargron I just locked my acct. Getting to be too much of a bother reporting and blocking the bastards lately.
Most are from .social and pawoo. the big ones.


I've kept my account locked after the big 'mass follow from spam accounts' incident recently.

As a side effect, it makes me browse through the posts and boosts of people who want to follow me. Some have 'interesting' perspectives and probably not people I might follow back, but as long as they are not obviously spam, p0rn or blank accounts, I usually let them follow me.


@Gargron Following your advice, I shall post! I am a real person and stuff. Wanted to give Mastodon a try. Since most social media is blazing dumpster fire.

@barcane @Gargron also, the "introduction" hashtag is a good cultural practice! We should keep encouraging that, it's a good way to show your humanity, introduce yourself, and maybe meet an ambassador type.

So welcome aboard! I highly recommend the introduction tag, and using the web to find/follow a few accounts from far away instances. Discovering new stuff feels completely different, you'll need to ask the locals!

@Gargron otherwise the #MammottBot might de-activate your account and you will never be able to log-in again.

@Gargron Are there real people on Mastodon?. I thought you all were bots. 😱

@Gargron also have good English so you don't sound like a bot

@Gargron Good point! Done that deed ... nothing happens but I definitely do not dispair! 😎

@Gargron i actually haven't thought that people may consider me not real on the internets, yep, that's how naive I am))
thank you!

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