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most recent updates for mastodon are now installed! :D

@stitch but... i am the one with the latest/quickest updates :no_mouth:

@milan hehehe ;) we can both be the latest and greatest then!

Eugen @Gargron

@milan @stitch how do you like the report admin UI?

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@gargron @stitch this is the problem - i always wait a little while after your commits so the change for a bug or what else is smaller and this time i was/am too busy to update, dunno. :sob:

@milan @Gargron Thats always good - but you can always revert the changes :)

@stitch @gargron that i try to be very up to date and having so much trust in the code does not mean that i wanna become an experimental server.

@stitch @milan To be fair I'm really careful about what lands in master nowadays, it's never a breaking change. But sometimes updates come in quick succession.

@gargron @stitch unexpected things can always happen - just like the missing environment variable for the stream container ;)

@gargron @stitch anyway, i lost my status :imp: - maybe you wanna add a server description (serverlist) like "quick updates, but with care" or something, gargron. :P

I am so sorry!!! I didnt mean to take your status!!! :( Please keep it.

@stitch *püh* :neutral_face:
@imo this is war :astonished:
nah - just kidding :lollipop: