Just to get a feeling, should e-mail notifications for mentions, followers etc be on by default?

The "off" default was a way to cut e-mail delivery costs early on and I haven't really re-evaluated that decision since. It seems favoured towards always-on power users...

@Gargron My reasoning is this: all of the noise needs to be turned down on the web: push notifications, emails, etc. are getting more and more overwhelming. the idea that we should look to as a standard is opt-in, instead of opt-out.

@Gargron communications should always be opt-in where possible

facebook, linkedin, twitter, et al are notorious for spamming people's emails. mastodon should not be.

@Gargron Notification overload is a major problem with the current tech experience. Making it opt-in helps reduce that problem.

@KelsonV That's all good and cool but it might be reducing the number of people who use this good tech 😅

@Gargron @KelsonV you've got internal read/unread tracking for notifications, right? it might make sense to send a weekly digest by default, if and only if they build up. seems like a middle ground

@_ @Gargron @KelsonV I couldn’t be more in favor of this. This is an excellent idea.

@Gargron perhaps also make it something admins can turn off instance-wide very easily. prompt during setup?

@Gargron Perhaps it's a power user thing after all, but annoying people tends to reduce the number that would both use it and put up with it.

Also keep in mind, google isn't going to globally block twitter no matter how many people mark them as spam. Would a mastodon instance domain survive the same?
In my experience, the masses are starting to get just as fervent, marking as spam first, and likely not looking for opt-out options to assuming it will just prompt more unwanted emails.

@Gargron That is precisely whey social networks make it opt-out because more engagement = more money. Mastodon doesn't hold that need to make cash.

You could opt-in but ask on sign-up?

@Gargron My rule of thumb for notifications is: does this help *me*, or does it help the platform/app?

@KelsonV The question is: Do new users generally keep Mastodon open after signing up? If not, then learning that someone talked to them helps them -- and helps the platform by bringing them back.

@gargron @KelsonV realistically I don't think most people even open emails like that to begin with

no, recently I activated that e-mail notify function and I realized that this functions for admins or moderator, not for ordinary use like boost and favorite and normal reply

@Gargron Ideally, this should be a decision made at the instance-level. Some instance owners will want it on by default and some instance owners will not.

@Gargron I appreciate off by default, otherwise I would get more emails than from Twitter and Facebook combined.

@Gargron it has woken me up a couple times when I didn't know how to turn them off when still logged in.

I would say default off :)

What's problem with adding option to choose this at startup guide?

@Gargron Most people don't need more email avalanching down from their inboxes. Let this be opt in. :)

@Gargron it's used by other platforms to keep drawing you back in (FOMO), so they can keep you using the platform and to increase advertising revenue/engagement. Mastodon doesn't need it. Don't be like that.

@Gargron I personally love the way. I hate when I sign up for something and first need to spend time to adjust settings.

Only what I can think of - if the person wasn‘t seen for some Time send out a summary...

@gargron I suspect you'll get a heavy bias towards "off" from existing users, but "on" would be much better for retention of new users. With easy ways to turn it off of course.

@Gargron Why not ask during registration which emails one would like to receive? That's a common procedure and saves you and the user some nerves ;)

@Gargron Isn't it illegal to send unsolicited emails to German (or EU?) users for example? AFAIK in some countries it must be opt-in but I'm no lawyer so take this with a grain of salt. But it should be taken into consideration.

@Gargron I don't think it should be on by default, but I think it would be reasonable to ask users to indicate a preference during registration or the first sign-in (depending on how busy that process is already)

@Gargron I think on by default is good for stuff that demands a response like @ replies and DMs.

Stuff like new followers and reblogs don't demand an immediate response.

@Gargron off default is better and using apps gives people a (better imo) alternative way to receive notifications

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