Our media storage provider Wasabi is having issues again, so uploading files may not work, and some files may not download correctly either. Sorry for the inconvenience

I am aware that some home feeds are currently empty and I am in the process of rebuilding them.

Unfortunately that process is not optimized so it is taking a very long time. I will work on optimizing the code and then restart it.

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I have optimized home feed regeneration code as much as I could and am re-running it now. It should take about 4-5 hours now.

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@sobr @Gargron Well... I think that's the best review you can get 😆 They have a great and cheap service but the uptime is really problematic these days due to their fast growth.I already talked about good alternatives today:

Ah I see. Got a 500 trying to attach a picture. Good luck!

@Gargron [browses local timeline since i haven't seen any posts in my home in like 18 hours] ah, good to know, thanks

It seems that when you (admin) mute account A and A re-toot B,then B will still display in your (public) timeline,right ?

But it's confusing.

Usually, you don't like some people means you don't want to see what they like/re-toot.

@Gargron We're experiencing the same issues here. Hopefully we'll get a fast resolution. Thank you for your hard work as always.

I'll be somewhat impatiently waiting for them to get out of rate limit mode.. so I can do my 3.0.0 update.

@Gargron Ah, OK, thanks for that update, and all your hard work!

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