Even Wasabi's control panel doesn't load right now. I am definitely planning on moving away from them now. I am really sorry that this is affecting!

@ida I can't move anywhere if Wasabi doesn't load at all

@Gargron Cannot believe Wasabi people are completely silent about an ongoing outage or a major issue like this. There is no blog post or even a tweet about it. I hope all goes well with your migration attempts.

@lohang They have a status page they don't advertise anywhere:

Which does report the incident. But indeed, they don't mention it anywehere else.

@Gargron @lohang They also have a status account on Twitter, but it's been silent since January:

@Gargron oh! so this is an instance thing then ? i thought this is a global mastodon problem. So each instance can choose their own providers , huh ? well... get well quick and thanks for the updates, now that i know who to watch/follow ;)

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