I’m aware image uploads are still broken. There is nothing i can do right now, unfortunately, as it is due to our service provider (Wasabi). Sorry for the inconvenience. I intend to change the service provider as soon as possible and have made preparations for it.

@Gargron thank you for all your hard work, truly! i know people get frustrated and it must be a lot to deal with.

@Gargron would it be possible to build in failover local storage so media still uploads and serve from that while trying every hour or so to push it to backend storage?

@Gargron also interested in how and where you will migrate as I think we will have to do the same now.

@Gargron thanks for all your work so far (and in advance for all the work you will put into it)

@Gargron Thanks for updating. Haven't studied the internal of mastodon but seems image storage needs to be decentralized also at some point. Maybe something like ( can help.

@Gargron thanks for the update. Just started using this platform and was disappointed for a minute because my gif wasn't loading.

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