I have restored the ability to upload files on mastodon.social by using flexify.io as a proxy in front of the old Wasabi bucket and a new DigitalOcean Spaces bucket.

Retrieving files will still be wonky, unfortunately, as flexify.io checks both storage providers at the same time, and Wasabi is obviously timing out.

It's also not cheap to do this.

Operation of mastodon.social as well as my work on Mastodon development is funded through Patreon:


@Gargron If I pledge, will I get a say in things like "stop making Mastodon more like Twitter"


@alice Nobody can buy influence with money. I have returned all of Keybase's pledges before working on related features to ensure integrity.

You can see what perks each tier has. Access to our Discord server where we discuss development, your name on the sponsors page, your link on the sponsors page, your logo on the sponsors page, etc.

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