I am considering migrating's media storage from Wasabi to Exoscale. If anyone has any experience with them, positive or negative, let me know. Thank you!

@Gargron idk about the other one but IIRC @lynnesbian is migrating from Wasabi due to a whole lot of downtime

@Gargron The core server for runs on Exoscale. Their network is very nice, stable and fast. But their pricing methods make it near impossible to predict my bills.

I haven't used their object storage however, but I'd assume it's backed by the same solid network. If you can swallow their high price, it's probably great.

@quad Please tell me more about the pricing methods. Their listed object storage prices per GB seemed on par with DigitalOcean Spaces.

@Gargron Yeah you can scratch that and don't have to worry about it. I just checked their site, they use a normal scheme for object storage.

For VMs they pro-rata the included bandwidth per hour, rather than per month. So you can have 1TB of free bandwidth, but only use 100GB in am onth. Yet get charged for overage if you had a spike that consumed a little more than 1GB in an hour.

Doesn't seem like they do anything weird like that for object storage. And their pricing for it seems relatively comparable.

I say go for it, assuming the object storage is backed by their full network.
@Gargron If you're still curious about their VM scheme, see attached image.

But since object storage is billed from zero you probably don't have to worry.

@quad That is an odd and unusual billing system. I guess it's like "traffic is free unless it is impacting our other customers" which kind of makes sense.

@Gargron I mean, when you think about it they're basically just billing based on throughput rather than amount. Still weird though.

But their network has been very reliable. has a CDN in-front of it built on OVH and Scaleway's network. But I keep the core server on Exoscale and it's had the fewest internet drops out of any server. I only see it drop off the internet for a minute or two about twice a year.

I dunno exactly how high my uptime has been since I switched monitoring solutions in-between. But it's higher than 99.9% at least, if not 99.99%.

Quite possibly the most reliable network I've used outside of tech giants (AWS/GCP/IBM). Assuming object storage holds the same standards, you can't go wrong.

@Gargron @quad I might also add that their support is top notch, every time I asked something I got a rapid and clear answer

@quad @Gargron I can only recommend them too, I have all my media off my mastodon instance there and it's working fine ever since. Never had a problem with it

@Gargron I'm curious: Why the change? Wasabi is way cheaper with $6 / TB / month and no egress charges, isn't it? Or do you prefer a european company?

@Gargron Oh, ok. Did not experienced that yet. Do you have your stroage in one of the us locations or in eu-central-1? I don't want to migrate again 😅

@dermalikmann I started using them when their only region was us-east-1. Their other locations are less crowded so not experiencing as many outages.

@Gargron unrelated to the actual storage (unless you think something like Hetzner is an option), does mastodon have a clear migration strategy for things like this? Did you plan it in advance, e.g. had it in mind with design or did you just have to work along with it?

@zladuric I'm not sure what to say. Transferring objects to/from/between S3 buckets is not a Mastodon-specific task. Such a migration happens on a layer below Mastodon, devops.

@Gargron but how do you update references to them? just point the subdomain or something?

@Gargron I've been using for some time now. 0 issues with them. Pricing is pretty straightforward.

@Gargron if you do can you write up a migration guide for medium/large deployments. It was a pain going from AWS to Wasabi in the first place.

@Gargron I have some promo codes from a conference two years ago for 40 EUR worth of exoscale credits.. maybe not much but better than nothing. IDK if you're going for exoscale but if you do tell me - I don't need those :)

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