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Eugen @Gargron

We need a documentation page that outlines how our privacy features differ from twitter's, maybe. Like, I know that I've put a lot of community feedback into making them work like they should, but people looking into the platform wouldn't know that outright

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Stuff like.. if you block someone, you don't see them if they get boosted, you don't see toots mentioning them, or replies to them, individual toot privacy settings, defaults, content warnings, individual per-toot NSFW setting, etc

@Gargron a friend of mine has blocked some folks on twitter and they keep showing up on tweetdeck and making them feel bad ... it's pretty terrible. it's nice that mastodon and gnusocial do that better …

@Gargron still working on this, apologies this is taking so long ._.

planning to reshuffle it into /docs/ on a clone of the main repo and PR it in there once done. Once the first complete version's in there anyone can edit+PR for more clarity/less verbosity...

@theoutrider Unlisted Anyone incl. anonymous viewers No No <- not true, tho, I think? Unlisted toots federate to here I believe?

@halcy as in... unlisted toots federate between instances? I was under the impression they don't (as noted this is at the very least out of date, and based on what I understood things to work like when I wrote it which has been several weeks)

@halcy I also should probably add a note to the Blocking section to specifically note that unlike on Twitter, blocks do NOT stop the blocked person from seeing you, just vice versa

@theoutrider (did that last one federate to you, I'm not 100% on this)

@halcy yeah, and replying showed me the warning Eugen implemented the other day

@halcy basically I started writing this before the new year, have been adding to it at lunch breaks to be comprehensive, but not kept up well with changes

@theoutrider I don't know 100%, but I'm fairly sure they _do_ federate right now... I mean, you can try if you want, set yourself unlisted and toot something, I'll tell you if I see it in my home TL.

@Gargron This is one of the things covered in the guide I mentioned that I was working on!

@Gargron I'd been meaning to link it to you privately or something, so you could possibly look over it and make sure the information is all correct before I make it public (to avoid misinformation and such)

@fawn e-mail

@Gargron Might not get to it right at this moment, but expect it today!