Hey, if you were telling your friend about Mastodon, which of its defining characteristics would you mention?

@maffsie @Gargron can't say much about the presence of falsely labelling people over conflicting opinions, though.

@gargron that it is the only place where you can have an actual meaningful conversation with a stranger, without them trying to sell you something <3

@Gargron I usually only get as far as "decentralized Twitter alternative" in terms of technical details, and then I just talk about the lefty gay corner of folks I've found on here

@Gargron these are the bullet points i hit

✅ twitter but no nazis
✅ composed of interest-based communities of cool people
✅ free
✅ not a surveillance capitalist company — no ads, no tracking, no recommendation algorithm, chronological timeline

@hyperlink @Gargron can we sneak a footnote in there?

- free (*)

(*) No cost to use, and folks can contribute to the expenses of their instance and the software authors if they choose!

@Gargron I usually call it “gay commie adfree twitter” and leave it at tbag

@Torie Damn you tbag them? I did not expect that from you Torie. Big gamer energy

@Gargron You aren't thrown into the shark tank with the rest of the world. The part of the fediverse that an instance interacts with is what your fellow users choose to interact with

It keeps things a lot more personal or on-topic and prevents a lot of the problems with both going viral and having to endure and endless stream of "only the most popular posts"

its a community, not mass media

@Gargron privacy, freedom (of speech) the floss thinking way ... self empowerment ...

@Gargron Simply: @dirt

More useful to you: I like how I know what I will see on my timeline, or any lists I create. I'm not left uncertain that I'll miss posts or being seeing someone's likes or ads, and I really value that simplicity.

@Gargron respects user privacy, distributed so it never really "goes down" as a whole, and most of all, again, no nazis (i expand that out to "considerably better and more conscionable moderation across the board, so long as you're on the right instance", not to toot my own horn)

@Gargron I usually tell them about the #Fediverse first. And then I saw #Mastodon is the software I'm using.
It might seem silly, but one of the main arguments for me compared with #Twitter is that Twitter decides which tweets you see and can thus influence your and other peoples opinions. While Mastodon shows objective timelines.
Another one is that your account can't be closed by whomever has power over Twitter.

@stevenroose @Gargron hi Steven, this post appears on my timeline and I like it. Well said.

@Gargron there's not quite as much fighting but the fighting is worse because you likely already know everyone involved

@gargron it’s moderated, so no nazis. There are trigger warnings, which people use. You can pick an instance tailored to your needs. You can choose to or not to engage beyond that instance.

@Gargron you can actually have a conversation with the dev regarding features and feedback or your feelings about clothes models or just heckle him for funsies

@Gargron in fairness I mostly say this to my friends who are horny gay communist computer nerds

@Gargron I always bring up that's its decentralized and more privacy respecting and free then traditional social media.


It's free as in free speech, and decentralized

@Gargron I do the opposite, I ask people around me, what makes them use other social media. Then ask them what they wish those social media would do (less) and finally pointing them to Mastodon, Pixelfed, etc. I guess one of the things that work best are the ability to interoperate with each other and therefore the ability to follow a Pixelfed account from Mastodon and the other way around, is considered very nice by people.

@Gargron "its like making your own twitter that can talk to other twitters. kinda like how email or phones work. just websites emailing each other. also its real people running it so no nazis, and reports actually lead to results, and there are no ads. but the coolest part is, like, imagine if you could use your twitter to subscribe to a youtube or comment on instagram posts. pretty cool huh"

@Gargron basically:
- how federation leads to a human-centered locality of experience, and
- how interoperability means choosing the kind of experience you want

@trwnh @Gargron Is "no Nazis" really a selling-point when there are instances filled with Nazis like

Maybe "community-based moderation" would work better so people understand that while Nazis are out there, your community can ban them.

(I feel like the "no Nazis" pitch has created a huge cultural conflict in the Fediverse)
@Gargron I would never tell my friends about mastodon. The fediverse, however...

@Gargron Federation, compatibility with other AP servers, freedom.

@Gargron Particular things I love: I can follow a Pixelfed or PeerTube user with my Mastodon account and it Just Works; I can run my own instance; I can switch instances if I don’t like my current one; I can control what content I see.

@Gargron Massive reporting for taking down arbitrary accounts doesn't work as you can just be banned from a server, or muted for a server, but not for the rest of the network.

Entire servers focused on your interests and moderated based on your interests or your fandom requirements.

@Gargron usually i read out a post that puts #ballsack #squink and #mastodev on it, and say that theres plenty of chud dunking

@Gargron Twitter but decentralized I'd tell them. You dont have to worry about having your data resold for no apparent reason.

1. The federated system.
2. Open source
3. You can join communities instead of instances.
4. Limit of characters
5. It's like a blog. [supports multiple websites in one post, pictures]

@Gargron usually either the specific instances and the different communities, or if I'm explaining what it is, I say it's like email crossed with twitter but in a pre-gmail email universe.

often I just talk about the latest instance block or eduardo siddon or memes though, the platform is good because moderation and federation but the content makes the space. we could all use diaspora or scuttlebutt instead and maybe we'll do that too but right now the fediverse feels like the place to be

@Gargron how there are different instances for different subjects

@Gargron oh also a lot of people have said "no nazis" but I never want to promise that and I feel like it's better described as "the nazis have their own safe spaces you don't have to interact with"

@amsomniac @Gargron I don't want Nazis to have a safe space. People who advocate genocide should be confronted at every possible opportunity. There was a war fought over this; the Nazis lost.

@WanderingBeekeeper oh 100% agree, I'm always happy to see nazi safespaces shut down, but they do exist within the fediverse and I'd hate to set that expectations. I do talk about how generally antifacist the vibe is here though ^_^

@amsomniac @Gargron

Any person that supports groups responsible for genocide should be confronted. It begs the question though why there's so much acceptance/celebration for all the commies on Mastodon, many even even above in this thread


Quite the antithesis; try swapping those two words, and you must realise how out of touch that sounds, no? I don't think contradicting history is a convincing argument, considering the death toll of over 100 million people in the name of communism.

@magic_ian which two words? the pro-genocide on mastodon aren't commies? question the raises?

@Gargron It respects your privacy and doesn't sell your data. You can trust it because it's open source and anyone can host it on his/her own domain - you can even host your own instance just for yourself, so there's no privacy risk at all. Best of all, you can see all posts even if they are in an instance other than your own! Just amazing!

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