It would be great if we could actually get Bernie Sanders to join Mastodon. This is the future of social networking, after all. Just saying

@Gargron so long as he tags all his toots appropriately with USPOL

@Gargron I don't know if you want him to join to attract more people to mastodon...
Or just because it will be like throwing food to the lions on here.

@Gargron I'll ask him... after all, there IS a contact form on his website... I Think...

I'd much rather be seeing stuff from DJT, Dan Bongino, Tucker Carlson, Charlie Kirk, Trey Gowdy, Sean Hannity, Jim Johnson and a host of other Conservatives! I CCL about Bernie Sanders or any of the other "hopefuls".

@Gargron careful now this is how you get cancelled by radtown

@Gargron cold and remorseless... exactly what we need in a leader

@_ @Gargron I am the voice of Radtown and I think this would be fine

@Pixley @Gargron due to recent political endorsements, i motion for a vote of no confidence in Karen as Speaker of the Federation,

@Gargron @Pixley you couldn't protect healyn and you won't protect karen, they must answer to the voice of the people,,,

@_ @Pixley "You couldn't live with your own failure and look where that brought you, back to me"

@_ @Gargron wait a second, if you vote nay on a vote of no confidence, you are voting yea confidence, the people are confident in me or possibly confused

@Pixley @Gargron feeling kinda fucked up that i got Karen fired with this poll

@Pixley @Gargron Karen do u wanna work at a bar in Seattle, one of our line cooks walked out this week

@_ no thank you, I am going to find something locally, or I am going to bury myself in a fallow field

@Gargron wait, he can get an account on

"In a recent statement on the fediverse, Bernie Sanders said "EEEE eee EEE E EEEEEEEEE eeeeeeeee""

@Gargron I'm going to send him an invite code for

@Gargron we've got Yang but I think it's just Twitter reposts.

I'd love to see my fave Elizabeth Warren here


anybody who has a dedicated following should start a server, especially media/news organizations.

@sindastra because content and community brings all the ... to the yard

@Gargron I at-ed him and asked him not only to join @mastodonsocial, but also to possibly host an instance for his supporters.

@Gargron He probably thinks we're just a bunch of gossips.

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