Thanks I hate it. The picture really makes it but I am not including that here

@Gargron @Pixley I saw an article about this on New Scientist and decided not to share it because eww. And now it is here despite my effort.

@neoncoughh @Gargron your post appeared in my feed directly above the picture of the phone skin and I clicked on the picture anyway

> “I wanted to pinch my phone,” says Teyssier as the reason for designing the skin.

@Gargron Just looked it up and watched a video of it. I think it's great. I wouldn't want it on my phone though.

@Gargron Same thing happens with our silicones we use at work. We use skin moulds and the fill hole materials people seem overly excited to massage.

@Gargron I gag every time I see the video and picture of the phone skin pop up. 😫

@Gargron put an eyeball on that and call it a grimoire... grimophone?

@Gargron BROOO link that article. I wanna check out the product

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