They sponsor quite a few creators that I like so this has me a bit worried for their sake 😅

@Tom Oh, didn't know they sponsored a bunch of YouTubers. I know they did podcast ads though.

@Gargron This is a good reminder that every company's main goal is profit. They aren't trying to make the best pizza, search engine or save customers money. They're mission is all about profit.

@Gargron At least they don't log much. Otherwise the company would just have died…

@gargron wow.. forwarded to with dark UI pattern making you think you get to settings when clicking "OK". No thanks - another website I'll never visit again 🤢 May Yahoo [and AOL] finally cease to exist.

@fedilab C'était bien heureusement un troll. Hein.


Et dire que j'ai résisté à tous les influenceurs et j'ai franchi le pas avec ton message 😢

@fedilab Tu veux dire que j'influence plus qu'un influenceur ? 🙃

Mes influenceurs ne sont que sur Mastodon :)

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