@Gargron I hope they are not literally running their country like a tech company since most those are run like frat houses.

@Gargron Which means of course they're changing the official language from Estonian to C++.

@Gargron If the article is to believed, then they're running it *waaaayyy* better than a tech company, because there are actual concepts in place for data protection.

@Gargron They seem to have taken it further than many places, perhaps started sooner, and appear to have given it rather more overall thought than most, but this doesn't seem to be particularly novel? Certainly Australia has many of these things, and has had then for some time.

I suspect some of the breathless tone is not because Estonia is a tremendously good outlier but because America is a tremendous bad outlier?

@Gargron Anyone know if in Estonia you need to authenticate yourself to your provider to use the internet? This would be the first demand of German politicians if this technology would be available. I'd be interested if these demands were raised there to and how they were fend off (if they were).

@Gargron No wonder the story seems so overwhelmingly positive when the president of Estonia wrote it. Though, I always ask myself what dark secrets might be hidden behind those fancy words... because there surely are some.

@Gargron I do like it however how they also support Open Source. Apparently there is a public GitLab instance with code of their public services.

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