Excerpt from the paper "Challenges in the Decentralised Web: The Mastodon Case". I didn't know Vocalodon was financed this way! That's neat


The paper analyzes the degree of centralization (through servers themselves, or underlying hosting providers) and impact of outages on the network, and their big takeaway point is that it would be great if content could be retrieved from non-origin sources when the origin is down (i.e. like IPFS, Torrent)


Funnily enough we kind of went in that direction for a while with LD-Signatures, a tech that does not require fetching from origin to maintain authenticity when re-sharing content, but in the end it seems better to let the origin decide whether to continue to provide a piece of content or not, as you lose plausible deniability and control over further re-distribution when the entire content is a completely stand-alone blob being passed around

@Gargron it really seems like the kind of thing that should be opt-in. like releasing something to the public domain. it only seems like a problem because "public" is default.

of course if you're interested in robustness when an origin goes down, you don't have to go fully public. you can simply have multiple trusted origins mirroring the same content and do some kind of round-robin / failover / etc.

i'd like to see the former for e.g. memes and culture, the latter for everything else

@Gargron in particular having a common consistent media storage backend that could use URNs for resolution is something i'm trying to figure out, regardless of whether that's a DHT or even something more centralized like ISBN/DOI.

@Gargron This is called "DRM". Source should not have indefinite control over what was published. It also belongs to the readers.

I do not want that my interactions partly disappear because some instance goes down.

Thank you for using signatures.

Have you checked out the dat protocol and beaker browser? With day you can host a website within the browser and if anyone accesses it with their beaker browser, they too become a host for the site. Decentralized P2P website!

@Gargron how do you feel running one of the largest servers? If masto social were to go down the community would go on but we would loose quite a few users in one shot

@Gargron Plausible deniability?
I have only heard that term in reference to governments being deceptive

@gargron I wholeheartedly agree. Having control over what you're sharing is kinda the point to moving to a decentralized thing.

Besides, any kind of perma-sharing thing like what you mentioned could potentially run into serious problems in regards to sharing illegal content.

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