Wonder if we should get rid of automatic language detection given how often it is inaccurate...


If automatic language detection was removed, we could default posting language to interface language. Would that be accurate in your case? I.e. do you post in the same language as the language of Mastodon's interface you see?

@Gargron How would this effect custom language packs? I run a custom localle for my instance.

@Gargron Most of the time I'm speaking english or french, with french interface. I don't think that the interface language is that accurate when most of us speak english.

But in the same time I have no other solution to give... :(

@Gargron Why not do both? Allow people to decide what they want/need. If a user is willing to accept some inaccuracy that is up to them.

@Gargron You may consider to rank languages from HTTP's Accept-Language header higher than others for the heuristics.

@Gargron I use a Slovenian interface language as a way of ambiently trying to increase my slovene vocabulary, but mostly toot in english and occassionally french. I appreciate that's a very specific use case though!

@Gargron Just give me a setting with a "main" language and a list where I can decide per post what language that post is in.

@gargron i think the most elegant solution would be a default to the interface language and an optional switch for other languages, plus a setting to change the default

@Gargron I use one instance per language so nobody has any unreadable toots in their feed if they follow me. If there was a way to chose language when posting and filter language in the feed that would make things easier.

I'm , living in , but my interfaces are almost always set to (mostly because localised interface usually sound awkward...).

While I mostly post in English on , I do occasionally post bi- or tri-lingual toots, or —when it's about a topic only applicable to Dutch or fedifolk— in one of the other two languages.

I would not be opposed to defaulting to your interface language, with per-post option to define which (multiple!) languages it is in.

the list of languages could also put the ones in the Accept Language header at the top.

@Gargron I post in two languages and would prefer button right after CW to check [automatically detected language] and change [post] language.

I don't think this will hurt, and it's way better than going in settings every time you want to post in different language!

I think most of us will post in their native language and/or English.

@Gargron I HATE automatic settings! respect my preferences and ASK ME. NEVER EVER change anything automaticaly.

@Gargron I wish there was an option to checkmark the languages we understand, and only see toots in those languages.

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