Did you know that you can create multiple choice polls in Mastodon by clicking on the circles next to options (turning them to squares) when drafting the poll?

It's a rhetorical question it's just tip of the day or whatever

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@Gargron *That's* how that works??? Been wondering for awhile, thought it was something people had hacked onto the interface!! :heart_parrot:

@andi @Gargron I opened an issue on github about how this feature is hidden. It should not be a kind of Easter egg.

@BrauchC Ein Klick auf den Kreis neben einer Antwort bei Erstellung einer Umfrage lässt mehrere Antworten wählen lassen

@Gargron Yes I know, but polls are not very usable I'm afraid, because of only max. 4 options and very short option text length.

@jeroenpraat talk to your admin, it can very easily be increased on the backend

@jeroenpraat I don't have a good internet connection right now but it should be in one of the last commits in my Github repo noiob/awoospace

#lb did you know there's just a drop-down to select that on the glitch-soc frontend

@Gargron Yes. But I don't know where I can find users to follow. Like categories or hashtags for users.

@Gargron Did i knew it? 😂

@Gargron No. The first time I knew Masto has multiple choice polls is via Tusky! I wouldn't have found it without that hint.

@Gargron thanks! i did not know about this function 😀

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