A while ago I asked my patrons what features they'd like to see in future Mastodon releases. Now, I'd like to ask you, my followers. I'd like to hear what people outside of GitHub think.

@Gargron A nicer set of symbolic icons in the web interface.

The current ones look generic and kinda bad.

@tbernard @Gargron I remember how the old TweetDeck had a composer that was above all the columns. That would be lovely 😍

@tbernard @Gargron I like that its always there on the side as you scroll but it would be nice if it expanded when you interacted with it or something

@tbernard @Gargron I personally like that in the default theme the icons are kinda consistent with their meanings on other platforms. Maybe a nice add would be a better guide on custom theming those icons, or custom theming in general?

@dave @Gargron Just to clarify, I don't care about custom theming, I just want the default to look nicer. The current metaphors aren't really the problem, it's that they're badly drawn in this icon set.

@Gargron Format in the toots text (bold, italics) and more emojis, lots of emojis.

@Gargron Please fix escaping in RSS feeds. Causes double escaping in some clients. (You'll see the HTML codes in the client)

@gargron I don't care about features so much.
Multiple media embed types? Mix and match?
Profile page tweaks?

I think a lot of people would appreciate work to lower the tech cost of operating an instance. Efficiencies would make hosting cheaper and help uptake. would benefit, and so would independent operators.

@Gargron if square images could show up in full on the tl without getting cropped to a 2:1 preview, that would make my heart sing. other than that i’m basically happy lol

@hyperlink @Gargron (maybe optionally?) (also Pinafore has an option that does this I think, if you want it now and are ok with a single column view)

@laser @Pixley It's already up to server admins but please do not rely on it to post stuff that could affect your relationship with your employer. You don't know if all search engines respect the opt-out, you don't know if someone's gonna see it on a public timeline, or through a boost on someone else's page, or in a thread somewhere. Please use the followers-only visibility option, it solves most problems bar personal snitching.

@Gargron I didn't know that first part. Also, yes I am aware of the possibility of people seeing my posts, but I feel like this is a reasonable amount of protection to users and if it doesnt really seem to effect anything as you are implying, then it should be the default.

@Gargron the ability to clear any column (including lists, hashtag columns etc.) AND refresh each one (an "undo" for the clear)

it can be useful for people who like to keep an eye on news ... as a "bookmark" of what has already been read, and what hasn't yet

i know it's already possible in the notification column (but you can't undo it there either), but it would be nice to have something like that for all of them :)

@Gargron oh, and also the ability to add accounts to lists without having to follow them first

or, if it's made that way because of privacy or security stuff - then AT LEAST an ability to filter out those toots from the home column (so that they only appear in the list the account is added to, instead of the list AND the home column)

@lashman @Gargron I reeeeeeeally want this feature. I can't follow newsbots because they pollute my feed, but I can't add them to lists without. Either that or a way to filter out some content from my home feed would be really appreciated.

@Gargron allow pinned tag searches to be shown in the single column mode.

@Gargron I'd like to see posts with fancy backgrounds like they have on Facebook. A minimum viable version would involve a colored background and larger, center-aligned text. For federation purposes, it could either gracefully fall back to a plain text post or do some voodoo with SVG to send it as an image.

@Gargron I'd still dearly love good personae management, a la Circles, etc. One thing for friends, one for family, one for professional acquaintances, etc.

I know that this is 1. a Hard Problem and 2. we already have Lists here, but the Lists interface and support is difficult to use without a lot lot of clicking and poking. So maybe if Lists were better-integrated (easier to manage list members and use?) I'd miss a little less of the rest.

Thanks for asking!

@jond yeah, I begged for lists, but the interface is so tedious that I don't even use them.

It's easier to make seperate accounts.

what called .
An unlimited set of predefined topics accompanied by a description, visibility level and header image, to which individual posts can be posted.
Each 'Collection' can be individually followed, or a person can follow the entire account as they already do, but opt-out of individual Collections.
The Collection's creator can also set which Collections should be automatically followed when someone follows them.

i.e. I could follow just your Mastodon-related posts, and people could easily opt-out of my StarTrek posts.

Hashtag filters come close, but they tend to be per-column or for your entire account. In other words, it doesn't allow me to hide USPOL for just certain posters, or just to view posts from you.

@Gargron thanks for asking. I can pin a hashtag which is super useful but I want to be able to pin multiple hashtags together in one tab. That’s my iterative ask. Long term style groups would be nice.

@mnw you already can, there's some edit feature to it.

@maloki thanks for the help maybe I need to do this on the web client, my iOS client doesn’t seem to have it. I can only add more filters to the existing result not expand the result set. Thank you for letting me know it’s implemented already! :-)

@mnw you can already add additional hashtags to a pinned hashtag column, under the slider control button on the column header:

@djsundog thanks for the input maybe my client is out of date ! :-) appreciate the help

@Gargron the ability to mute notifications from a user without hiding a user's replies on your posts completely would be very nice to have

@Gargron in the past i've actually completely missed full conversations because someone was added that i had muted

@Gargron hiding an instance in the federated timeline without hiding notifications or replies from them in threads.

@mewmew @Gargron Seconded, it be nice to be able to follow a conversation from people you do follow with members of a silenced instance you don't.

@mewmew @Gargron also, that cat has a knife, are you sure you want to chance it?

@Gargron Support for larger images and videos (phones now routinely make HEIF/HEVC images and videos and they can be huge if you do 4k/60fps) etc.


If I could have one wish granted for a feature to be implemented, it'd be to join timelines from other instances (and hopefully post to them).

I find the current method of only participating and seeing posts from one instance too limiting. People have multiple interests and may want to be a part of more than one community without multiple accounts. Or might prefer the features of one instance and the community of another. Etc. It would improve the concept of decentralysation, IMO.

@Gargron Making users discoverable. For example by and categories for content they post about.

@Gargron I'd like to see:
* An improved search facility that's not reliant on hashtags.
* A teams feature allowing multiple people to toot from one account without sharing passwords.
* A federation system for custom emoji allowing users of any Mastodon instance to type all custom emoji created by federated instances.

@Gargron Probably something along the lines of Twitter Explore

@Gargron A "mutual followers" filter or separate timeline! For those of us with busy feeds.

Nomadic Identity to create data resiliency in the event of server shut downs & down-time


I’d like to have some way to identify someone after they’ve changed their handle or avatar.

The solution that comes to mind is to keep the current handle/avi when I follow someone as a nickname and either keep that until I explicitly update or show it somewhere for reference.

There may be better ways to do this.

@Gargron I am sure it has already been considered and ruled out, but I would like markdown in posts, personally.

@Gargron being able to create a group of followers that can see your posts. You can set post visibility to public or followers but i can find a way to post inly to certain followers.

@Gargron Please note that most of these responses so far are not requests for new features, but are a request to improve the existing feature set or tech stack.

And that, my friends, is a good choice. #mastodev

@Gargron Being able to search for hashtags inside image descriptions is the big one from me.

@Gargron I want a way to save drafts (outside of tusky) so if I come up with an awesome toot that would be appropriate 3 months later, I can just tuck it away. I don't care whether or not I can schedule it. Just a save draft function.

@Gargron A privacy setting "trusted users", so I can let anyone follow my public posts, but have other posts that only get sent to followers I set a flag on saying they may receive those posts.

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