Google Buys Fitbit for $2.1B

I regret buying a Fitbit device. Not only does it kinda suck but now the data it collected on me is going to change hands as well.

@Gargron I got some Pebbles, I was really sad when Fitbit purchased them. At least all the Pebble services have replacements now....

@Gargron "it's not that i don't trust you with my data, i just don't trust whoever or whatever might buy you out after you go public 10 years from now"

@Gargron I wore a Fitbit for a couple of years but almost never connected it to the app. Maybe once or twice a year to synchronize time. I was expecting them to sell all the data to health insurance companies. But this is unexpected.

Time to find a device that works with Gadgetbridge

@Gargron I had a Pebble round, now I have a Versa. Even though it's the first watch made by the Pebble team at Fitbit it's just not the same.

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