Ring (the Amazon surveillance device) used video captured on Halloween for PR

@Gargron Normalizing uploading/broadcasting CCTV footage of strangers should not be a thing.
Look at this wacky secret recording we took of you!

@Gargron 11m+ views of this CCTV footage of a kid trick or treating!! (It seems staged - but the premise is still messed up)

@Gargron I've noticed a lot of people filming me with their smartphones in my city and have just come to accept it as a fact. Usually they're just taking videos of crowds for their Instagram story or something, but it weirds me out...

@Gargron we’ve opted for dogs. Not devices. They lower the blood pressure too.

@Gargron “Mashable asked Ring whether the people featured in the videos gave their consent to be used in a publicity stunt. Ring did not immediately respond...” - Prediction: Someday all the people who chose convenience over privacy will greatly regret this decision. I’m looking at you Alexa/Google users.

@Gargron @MatejLach I am ashamed by the fact those were developed in my country... It’s strange feeling :(

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