With this and AMP, Google is gradually erasing the line between googling something and actually visiting a website...

@Gargron AMP is basically the "wolf in sheep's clothing" trying to give itself away as improving performance and searchability of articles

latter is...true because the big G prefers AMP content and will feature it.

all of that for the expense that people aren't even actually visiting the target sites anymore :<

@Gargron and creating a heaven for phishing sites.

One would think people learned from "how HTML mails with invisible URLs made email a heaven for phishing" but I guess the answer is no.


@Gargron Well,that's the reason why nobody should use Google.It has ever been evil and bad but gets worse every few weeks 🤢 Some alternatives (I think you know them,but also for others reading this...)
- metager.de - Non-profit,hosted in Germany,no data collection
- github.com/asciimoo/searx - Open source,self hosted,no data collection
- mojeek.com - Independ,no data collection,has Mastodon account
- qwant.com - Hosted in France,no data collection,has Mastodon account
- swisscows.com - Hosted in Switzerland,no data collection

@nipos Just wondering since you didn't mention it - is anything wrong with Duckduckgo? Seems like the most widespread and accurate alternative to me.

@kbit Well,it's from the United States which have surveillance by NSA and similar things as well as the patriot act which requires them to give all data to the government if requested.But if they really do not collect the data,they can't hand it over...I'm not sure if I want to trust them but there are worse options so if you're happy with DuckDuckGo,there's no important reason to move away.

@nipos True, operated in the EU would be preferrable.

@Gargron Wow! All the more reason to de-Google. I mainly use DuckDuckGo now myself.

Had to read more about evil AMP: medium.com/@danbuben/why-amp-i AMP seems utter crap. Now thinking about simply blocking Google completely to index my pages. I don't want to be found there. Where's that metatag that simply says 'Fuck off Google'?

Something like this: <meta name="googlebot" content="noindex, nofollow, noarchive, nosnippet, notranslate, noimageindex"> or a robots.txt file with User-agent: Googlebot
Disallow: / and add all the other google crawlers.

@Gargron I'm surprised (well more disappointed really) that AMP hasn't run afoul of FCC and antitrust regulations in the US. AMP is clearly abuse of a monopoly position, and it is ruining the resilience of the internet (on a certain level it is counter to the principles of net neutrality).

Google is one of the 4 horses of the internet apocalypse.

@Gargron This is all because Google doesn't have to share ad revenue for ads on their own website. Google Ads on other websites aren't nearly as profitable for them.

@Gargron @digitalcourage Google is not necessary anymore these days. Rarely did a google search since I switched to DuckDuckGo as main search engine some months ago.


Huh. I ran into this a few weeks back. I was trying to find the website of a program I had (a one-file Prolog implementation in C++). Google found me the program and clicking on the link downloaded it (again).

Normally, I'd just paste the URL into the URL bar and erase the trailing stuff until I found a working page, but the URL was so obfuscated that I couldn't do that. I ended up giving up.

It's infuriating because Google *had* the information an just wouldn't give it to me.

@Gargron Thank you for bringing this to the attention.

In addition to the fishing, this disempowers those trying to escape and understand the bubbles they find themselves in. It merges bubbles into a single experience, which makes them harder to discern, prove legally and resist.

Information without a clear source is low quality information. Democracies rely on that quality.

@Gargron For me, in Germany, it looks different.

Google mostly does not show the raw URL, but still gives information on the server and directory structure.

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