I heard Mastodon is becoming popular in India now, that is great news. Welcome everyone

Aren't you reading the number reply here ?

This may give a little picture of some India users immigrating

@Gargron getting the hang of it
But enjoying
Thanks a billion


Yeah, thanks to the groundwork of local free software activists apparently, who were ready to present the alternative after a new twitter local scandal (twitter banned a famous indian twitto for posting an antifascist message)...

@LienRag @Gargron That was much needed. Thank you all who were behind it! 💜

@LienRag @Gargron Why would they ban anti facists messages, when that would imply that you condone messages that could be construed as facist ?

@zleap @Gargron

AFAIK some of the people in power (or associated with the people in power, like Shiv Sena) are overtly pro-nazi and/or hitler admirers.


What helped the confusion (even if from what these newcomers said Twitter did indeed recruit Hindutva apologists as moderators) is that the "anti-fascist picture" I mentioned is an historical one showing one single man refusing to do the nazi salute in a nazi crowd.
So apparently the IA flagged it as "nazi" and even after complaint and explanation Twitter refused to budge.

@Gargron yeah. I think each passing day @twitter is becoming a cess pool of the Government backed right wing. To much hate.

@Gargron always something happens when you are on leave :)

@Gargron yes it’s all started because of bias attitude of Twitter India towards critics of ruling regime ! And special thanks to @naukarshah for joining us all!

@Gargron I don’t know who to ask this, you can direct me to right person as you are on vacation but I like the rules very much, however India being a muti lingual country usually gets abusive with regional language, can your moderators handle it? Like who would they trust if someone is reporting that I got abused in say Hindi ? Or using cultural slurs against minorities, plus Indian politic includes shameful amount of Islamophobia, will that be hate speech? Thanks 🙏🏼

@Deepsealioness @Gargron
You don't have to stay on Gargron's instance (I try to explained what are instances and federation here: ).
There's already an indian instance that probably can handle regional language better: (but I can't find the register page, you can maybe ask @prashere about it).
Creating you own instance is another possibility if you (or friends of you) have the technical knowledge, or via (paying service for non-technical instance).
@yunohost has Mastodon and Pleroma applications and is designed to empower non-technical users to self-host their internet services ( ).

@LienRag @Gargron @prashere @yunohost thanks I think most have just mass migrated here for now, we will look into the options


You're welcome. (which I never tried nor have any stake in) is for non-technical USERS, my bad.

@LienRag most of us from India are being severely throttled by Twitter or suspended for just saying words out of context. Like you can’t discuss politics without saying someone killed someone or lynched someone (regular happening here now) but they use those words to suspend us or suspend us without checking context. But largely we are non technical users with few experts. Some of us are trying to explore to see alternate solution without toxicity


Many people on the fediverse have a good technical background, and are usually happy to help when they have free time, don't hesitate to ask.
If you are organized, creating your own small instance with Yunohost is probably a good solution (the need for initial technical know-how is limited and maintening the system can be learned with some dedication, volunteers are usually able to help troubleshooting when needed).

@LienRag I will discuss with others before we bring in more folks , I think 500 odd have moved today before more move we need some organisation


People moving can join any instance in order to test how it works, and then choose which instance they want to stay with later.
Not all of you need to join the same instance, actually.
I'm not confident that @yunohost would be a good solution for an instance with thousands users...
But for thousands instances (each on a different yunohost server) of small groups of users, it's definitely a way to go.

@LienRag @yunohost thank you so much for your patience in explaining, I will redirect some to other instances because if there is bulk movement which can’t happen suddenly bit over time, we might need something feasible. Most of us have 20k plus followers in bird app and we need to guide others on how to move


You can check with @Gargron but I think can handle 20k more users in a day for first try.
But yes, you can redirect to other instances too, is there to help dispatching newcomers amongst open-registration instances.


If you have security concerns (if you're at risk of serious harassment, not just cyberbullying) I would advise you to check thoroughly what is actually secure and what isn't on Mastodon and the Fediverse.
@kaniini is very keen on this topic, and he's indian too (though not the same kind), and AFAIK he's quite willing to help.


For small organization's collective self-hosting, @ChatonsOrg have been working a lot on the topic ( ) and so have resources (you'll need someone with a minimum of technical knowledge though I think).


There's also @freedomboxfndn that does things similar than yunohost if you want.
You can find a comparison between the two here:


And I just discovered that there's a hashtag #FediverseAMA that has been created by indian free software activists to help newcomers like you (you can ask any question and add the #FediverseAMA hashtag so that they can find it and answer you).

You can open it in a web browser (click on the date in the message) and bookmark it there, or you can find all your favorites on the right column. Or if your instance use the glitch-soc fork (which doesn't as it's the flagship for the original Mastodon software) there is the "bookmark" feature on it.

@Deepsealioness @Gargron வாவ்..சிங்கபெண்னே..நீங்களா?? Welcome to mastodon.

@Gargron we're moving en masse here, from the bird platform 👍🙂

@Gargron You are right!

We are trying to topple the TwitterIndia leadership that now resembles Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.

There's arbitrary suspensions of accounts of people critical of the government but those who endorse communal violence, ethnic cleansing, lynching etc are verified, promoted and protected.

The manner in which "blue ticks" are distributed, show a clear pattern of caste bias.

@Gargron Now wait this app will be flooded with abuses, communal hatred and how could I forget Bob pics 😂

@Gargron I arrived on Mastodon today. I like the feeling of openness that it gives. Kudos for the work, giving us open source social media platforms.

@Gargron Due to Twitter bring run by Genocidal upper Caste Fascist Hindu Indian extremist.

India is biggest Market for Twitter, it's run by Indian govt politicans, agencies & Hindu Fascist.

It's popular & growing By user's from Religious minority Muslims & Oppressed Castes SC ST Adivasis Mulnivasi Dalits OBC Tribals etc

FYI Pakistani & Bangladeshi Twitter is controlled from Twitter HQ India by Indian government . So many Pakistani Muslim & Kashmiris have joined in.

@Gargron you must get 1 billion users by end of 31st Dec 2020 ! No more monopoly of Twitter!

@Gargron Yes bcz people are tired of getting suspended for being too open against authority.

@Gargron thanks, it's all started with @sanjayuvacha Twitter account suspension

@Gargron dont be Twitter which peddle casteism, racism & fake nationalism

@gargron that’s great news! Do you know how popular is in Spanish speaking countries?

@Gargron Yes.. Most of us are fed up with the birdsite. Abusive Trolls, communal hate-mongering, fake news, govt propaganda you name it. We can't speak the truth coz we get mass trolled. You cannot put up the photo of August Landmesser (lone man against Nazis) coz then it gets mass reported and account gets suspended. Twitter India is heavily compromised and has become pro- right wing extremism and pro-regime. Hope provides us a space to speak the truth without fear.

@Gargron thanks. Could you please let us know how many people joined from India yesterday?

@Gargron Thanks. Can you direct us to any literature about benefits of using one instance vs the other?

@Gargron hello, the search function does not seem to be properly working. Sorry I'm just starting new

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