We want to add a moderator who speaks Hindi to the team. Must uphold our code of conduct, must stick around on Mastodon, some monetary compensation is included.

Apply over DM or reply. Will try to get through the applications in the following days (I’m not home though)

@Gargron Hi I can speak Hindi . Please add me as Moderator. Thanks

@Gargron I'm ready to moderate Tamil. Please consider me if you form Tamil team.

@Gargron I suggest you steadily bring in moderators on other Indian languages too. India is far beyond Hindi. Many other regional languages/dialects. I can help with Assamese and Bengali.

Hey great proactive effort from Ur end I must Appreciate 👏. It's looks like this new connection between Mastodon & India is gonna live long henceforth.

I can speak Hindi, Bengali - India being a multi lingual country, I hope U would consider moderators for more then one major Indian language over time.

For now, I am ready to take the role of Moderator in any of these language, if you consider same. This platform & instance must grow. Best of Luck 🙏

Hello @Gargron, i can speak, read and write Hindi. Please consider me for the moderator. Thanks!

Hey @Gargron, I'm very good with Hindi and also interested in being a moderator. So, contact me if you find me suitable. Thanks.

@Gargron I'm fluent in English Hindi Urdu Language's respectively.

I'm also very familiar in Cyber law's & technical aspects of running an online social media platform.

Please give me an opportunity & chance to show case my ability to moderate this unique & democratic social media platform Mastodon.

@Revler Wow! Why does this look like Linkedin all of a sudden? 😂😂 @Gargron

@Gargron Good move. Will help spread the word. I suggest, though, that you also think about other Indian languages, at least the major ones.
All the best.

India is multi lingual, I suggest including a call for multiple languages as well.

@prashere @Gargron Hindi has worst abuses though and hate speech. But Indian users migrated here have political biases, I can help in indentifying anti nazi voices if the site is passionate about it but few applying it suggested here have political biases

You sure haven't heard most of other language abuses if you think like that.
and one more thing: An abuse is an abuse that's it, abuse itself is worst no need to define worst and best abuse.
@prashere @Gargron

@prashere @Gargron There are more Malayalam toots in than Hindi toots. You can confirm this by checking last 72 hours toots

@tachyons @prashere @Gargron
Yet to find them though . Pretty new here and still feeling a little lost

@Gargron I would have suggested Amit Shah.. Though he is not here.. So lemme think @Deepsealioness
There are many 🤦‍♂️

@Gargron : Eugen, Appreciate your focus to expanding the moderators to cover Indian language. Some of the name suggested in the thread have strong political bias, and would prefer the moderators to be politically neutron. Sorry for making yr job harder

@Gargron สวัสดี​ไม่มีเทพไม่มีเจ้านาย

@Gargron @Gargron if you want someone to moderate Tamil and English Tweets, then I'd like to be considered. Thanks.

@Gargron *raises hand*

My details:
Same handle on Twitter.

@Gargron I can speak Hindi. You can consider me as a moderator :)
Thanks & Best of luck for the future :)

@Gargron You can count on me for this. Let me know how to apply and what all you need as part of the application.

@Gargron up for here
Will write in hindi as well

@Gargron I can volunteer
मैं वोलंटियर कर सकता हु .

@Gargron bud I am sure you will have a LOT people coming over here. With India's languages, start with hindi and then you would need to add people for all languages. We ppl are very diverse and proud of that. Thank you for taking an initiative.

@Gargron i think Mastodon is being really cool to not look down upon India which is a huge potential market/ user base (context- Snapchat CEO derided indians as poor people)

@Gargron I passed on your note to a friend, Sandhu. He is a Microsoft engineer and familiar with Mastodon. He is a Hindi native speaker and also speaks Urdu and food English. He may be able to help you. So he is going to contact you, I just wanted you to know who he is when you get the message. All the best, Bert

@Gargron Please make sure that their liberal & anti fascist credentials are verified. We don't want what happened to Twitter happening here.

Guys if you are interested please check @Gargron 's update and apply. @omairahmad @Shudraism @vidyut @AninditaGuha @BhavanaVarun @dushyant @ranasafvi @girishNaught @AsimAli @KavitaKrishnan

@Ruminess Thank you. Absolutely! It must be ensured that those joining aren't here to satisfy any agenda or cog in the wheel to propaganda machinery. Only then we can have a space for ideas and opinions.

Others, Kindly check @Gargron's post regarding the moderator team. Specially those, who are good at regional languages. Do join.

@Gargron Great. May be @TheMuslimsofIN can help you here in both hindi and urdu languages.

@Gargron I can read Hindi, Gujarati and Tamil. Depending on the time zone required, I'd be interested in moderating. I usually moderate a few subreddits over at Reddit as of now.

@Gargron I speak and write Hindi, Do consider me for moderator

@Gargron if you want an extra English moderator please do let me know.


I can speak , read & write hindi
हम हिन्दी बोल सकते हैं
पढ़ सकते हैं और लिख भी सकते

@Gargron I would be willing to join as moderator for Hindi, English, Urdu. Let me know about the procedure.

For English, and Marathi, I would suggest @SidrahDP to apply.

@Gargron Hi...... Im here.... Also holds Graduate Degree in Indian Laws

@Gargron there are multiple users in different languages who are coming over. Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi. The numbers for now maybe small, but more people will turn up

@Gargron but there are many other regional languages spoken in the country. Will you be providing similar services? Thanks.

@Gargron I can do this. Bilingual, excellent in Hindi, English

@Gargron It's irrelevant but why it feels like I'm using the web version of this app while actually I'm using it in an app (Tusky)? 😐

@Gargron I would like to enroll for this. I just switched this to escape from trollers in Twitter. Let's make this a beautiful troll free network.

@Gargron I would so love to! Been here for more than an year now, and familiar with the fediverse. I keep promoting Mastodon anyway, but would be epic to get involved officially. Fluent in spoken Hindi/Urdu and written Hindi.

A request. Pls don't allow promotion of only hindi here. There are many other languages in India :)
But if that suggests, hindi speaking ones need moderators then np ;)

@Gargron I m ready ..इन जिम्मेदारियों के लिए तैयार हूं मैं 😊

@Gargron We don’t want Hindi to be promoted. India has many languages and Hindi is just one among them. Hindi is no superior to any other Indian language.

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