I hear this question a lot: There are no blue tick verifications on Mastodon. You can verify ownership of a homepage, it shows up as a green tick next to the link on your profile. To do so check instructions on the edit profile page. It’s automatic.

Instead of a blue tick how about having :fatyoshi: in your display name. Can’t have that anywhere else

@Gargron There should be a "Mew Mew" icon next to users who make Mew Mew-tier posts, MastoDaddy

I volunteer myself to be the first with a Mew Mark™

@Gargron yeah gud idea

Any demo sir ..
We Indians Love demo 😋😋

@Gargron that would be cool...and I think we all want to change that blue tick culture already.

> check boosts
> 50% trans, 50% cis Indians

Balanced, as all things should be

@Gargron Sounds fun. Or just a Twitter bird against our name to mark us as a verified migrator from ;)

@Gargron Please can we have a Pikachu instead? Pleeeease? @aworas back me up here.

@palomasharma @Gargron that too straight the '90s one
this place is turning out to be best

@Gargron Impersonation is unethical. Anonymous accounts do not need verification. Simple!

@gargron because that’s a flag that you commit tax fraud

@Gargron @Sparky I am quitting twitter, have sent them email regarding this in an appeal as they have Suspended my Account for no reason, even sent them a screenshot of mine Newly created mastadon Account. Thanks for giving us this platform. it'll be superhit in short span of time , good luck.

@Hatindersinghr @Gargron It's just an custom emoji. Everyone can use that. Doesn't mean they're verified or anything.

@Hatindersinghr @Sparky I’m sorry but I refuse to add it to this server exactly because it’s so misleading

@Gargron Hi Eugen, thanks for this platform. I hope it doesn't go Twitter way 👍

@gulzarkhan Find emojis in the emoji picker. You can use any emojis in your display name. Custom emojis are invoked using shortcodes

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