Some Qs re Mastodon:

Say this service grows to have 600 mn users across instances. One anon user on an instance toots a revenge porn video. Many across other instances boost it.

Q1. How will Mastodon deal with it?
Q2. How will an aggrieved party get justice?
Q3. How will an instance deal with it?
Q4. What can a govt do? What can't it do?
Q5. Will shutting down an instance be an option if it refuses to take down video? What will users on that instance, who haven't committed a crime do?


@nixxin If origin instance deletes the video, everyone else automatically deletes it too. If not, the instances can delete their copies manually via mod tools. Instances are technically websites like any other, so the same tools are available for taking them down (domain registrar, hosting provider). Those depend on jurisdiction, of course.

If an instance announces shutdown ahead of time users can export their data and move followers to a different account on another instance

@Gargron Any instructions on how to setup my own network for hyperlocal channel ?

@sarfarazmulla @Gargron

if you mean a local instance, it should be similar as for a domain, only in your case, you can have some machine as the server, the rest as clients. If not done before, read before how people used to set up BBS systems, would be similar but much simpler as everything is there, just would need customization.

@Gargron thanks. You seem to have a potential issue of impostering btw
How is that going to be dealt with?

@nixxin @Gargron IMO. Why should we be bothered about it? Lets say, if someone creates an email congress@<some-junk-domain>.com. You wouldn't care less. We can treat it the same way.
They can of course confirm (self verify) the genuine ones.

@nixxin @Gargron To add, in the federated world, you will solve it the way we solve spam in the email ecosystem.

@nixxin These are real discussions we need here. Glad U are here.

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