By the way, if you find the UI translations in Hindi/Tamil/others lacking, you can help add/fix them on this page:

@Gargron you developed a great alternative platform congratulations man 👏👏👏 no toxicity reached until now hope it follows,👍

@Gargron how many Indian languages are you at at this point w

@Gargron Thank you. I made some contributions today for Tamil interface. I shall contribute periodically. It's an amazing work that you've done!

@Gargron dont see Hindi in the list yet.. Tamil/Telugu are present.

@Gargron I'll start on some Indian languages tomorrow.

Others who want to contribute in UI translation, ping me.

@Gargron chat find हिंदी in the language list on the link you shared friend, Tamil & Telugu are present though.

@Gargron thank you . I will do tamil translation contribution

@Gargron Just curious. What's the share of indian users on mastadon? Where does india stand in comparison with other countries?

@Gargron I don't see Hindi language on the page. Can you please add it?

@Gargron I can help with Marathi but I don't see it in the list.

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