12.9K new users on this week. Don’t know off-hand how the numbers for the fediverse at large look

@Gargron real number. We are moving from Twitter to this platform

@Gargron A ton of them are probably Indian users migrating from Twitter after their debacle.

@Gargron can you share a trajectory, graph on week basis if it's a huge spike or not so much ?

@Koshy @Gargron I am following it, if you look at my question, the graph there doesn't answer my question. Dunno if you have seen graphs as in stock stuff. There you can analyze whole lot more. I meant in that sense.

@Koshy @Gargron let me know if it isn't clear to you, will clarify my question more if needed.

@BadAtNames still doesn't answer, I'm looking for weekly comparison, say last week of october and first week of november, and perhaps a bit before that using the same methodology, just to know whether the spike is real or temporary or whatever.

@shirishag75 @BadAtNames The closest thing I know to what you ask would be although I'm not sure if this is exactly what you're looking for

An example of weekly interval of active users on m.s would be

@null0x0 @ilja @BadAtNames from what I saw @Gargron only shares the graphs, not raw numbers but if they did, it would definitely make for interesting reading and analysis for sure.

@Gargron What is the policy here for impersonating accounts(without mentioning parody in account description)

Eg @Incindia etc

@tachyons @Gargron @Incindia @RahulGandhi Yes! This a issue. Must be addressed. Fake accounts are also flocking.

@Gargron hope, it won't crash when the millions will be here soon.

@theshahrkhan @Gargron easy way to avoid that is having newcomers join instances other than, or start their own

@Gargron Thanks to Malayalees, people from Kerala, a state in Southern India.

@KaonHunter @Twilightfairy @Gargron social activists and people from marginalized communities being suspended. And lack of action against genocidal hate speech

@NyxCom @Twilightfairy @Gargron Are there some (English) links? Was there a special call to join Mastodon?

@KaonHunter @NyxCom @Gargron yes there are several tweets. But I think it started on WhatsApp by a group of us discussing this issue.

@KaonHunter @Gargron yes twitter has become extremely biased towards liberals sharing facts & has been suspending Id's without giving reason or redressal. Doesn't suspend hate and violence spreading RW handles. Gives verification to right wing fanatics with 20 followers but doesn't to minorities.

@Gargron I am here so early and before my friends and family just to grab my name’s unique user ID. 😂
And yes this toot will be going to be my first toot.

@Gargron There is an urgent need to verify public personalities on here. What do you suggest for verification?

@Gargron To clarify, I did set my interface language to Hindi, but I am still seeing everything in English.

@Gargron It will only increase in coming weeks. The toxic birdsite was becoming claustrophobic and biased.

@Gargron keep making more digs at twotter india, encourage the inevitable exodus!

@Gargron i am an artist in indian film industry & would like to get my account verified please guide me with the process

@Gargron Amazing!
Could I ask, if anyone ever did any Usability Study for Tusky?

@Gargron @tomashei @Tusky I heard the concerns that api calls getting slower, Can you check if current infra is enough to handle new load and response time is not affected ?

@Tusky @Gargron
Thank you for your answer,
I will check: for some more information.

PS: Tusky works great and fast on XiaoMi 8SE!

@Gargron all I can say that expect 100s of thousands to join the and stay here. This isn't a passing fad. Enough influencers have migrated.

@Gargron We have invited few others to join. Let's see if all join, this would surge! 😊

@Gargron did you finish your own I thought you were looking for a way to see active and total people on the fediverse.

@Gargron This info also not off-hand, coz user-bot just tooted? :gnomeHey:

@Gargron there's going to be a need for indian instances quickly. ^^

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