Do you pronounce it “git” or “git”?

@Gargron like git and gif. But to avoid conflict and for clarity I spell them the way they're said, jit and jif.

@Gargron I pronounce it as "git" which is different from how I pronounce "gif"

@Gargron I say "git", but have complete respect for those who say "git".

@Gargron What kind of problem is this, in such accounts the follow button is missing for some time?
No network problems! still

@Gargron how do you look for people over here? I have a few friends from the birdsite that have joined Mastodon but I don't get an option to type when I go to the search option.

@Gargron ask Linus as he was also very opinionated and clear about how to pronounce Linux:

@Gargron Most people pronounce it as"jit" like "jif" for gif.

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