Bless waiters that invite you from outside. I wouldn’t go in otherwise

@Gargron Its a delicate move. Sometimes it feels pushy and desperate and might cause me to move along. But generally if its done gently I think it can be encouraging.

@Gargron Doesn't that normally mean that the food is rubbish?

@Gargron That tells you the quality of the food 😆

@Gargron Hi Eugen. Thank you for creating Mastodon social app. I am enjoying it. Love from India, Hyd.

@Gargron Same thing happens in Dubai. They kinda just open the menu in your face as you walk past them.

And then there's Saint Petersburg. There are, too, people on the main street inviting you, except not to restaurants but to strip bars.

@Gargron ... and when you're really starting to enjoy yourself they throw you out again only to be last in the entrance queue. That's real business for you.

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