@CanisMajoris @Gargron Ah, wow. I was planning to put this on my travel list. Not I need figure out if I need to have Travel on my list;-)

@Gargron so, finally somewhere we can share our views irrespective of who's the big guy to put influence..
Hoping there is zero intolerance towards hatred here!

@Gargron @Mastodon in India getting expanded than predicted ! Let Twitter go to hell I am the 1st one who deleted twitter account in protest pledging will never return to that birdshite as long as jackshite is cozying up with authoritarian regimes specially with nazis & fascists regimes to silence Human Rights activists & others who are raising voice for voiceless! Twitter. Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Telegram , WhatsApp are equally contributing hate crimes leading to genocide of millions

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