Oh god oh fuck. How do I answer everything. Here, have this cat picture I took today

@Gargron The cat picture response is apt in 93.7% of scenarios on the internet. Carry on.

@Gargron I dont know what is going on but this cat is cute and regal


Eugen: (2874 notifications)

All of them: Hey how does x work/I think this thing you put in intentionally is an error/is this a trustworthy website/what is an instance

I love all the new people though, bless 'em

@Gargron language, use of words is something we should all be careful and sensitive about.
Especially when you are someone and represent something in PUBLIC space.
Using cuss words is associated to being progressive, trendy,... I would say.

Anyway, to each their own

@Gargron can developer of Mastodon follow small account like me? 🤔

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