I’m actually sad I have to leave Greece tomorrow. I just about got used to it. It’s nice. It feels real.

@Gargron What's happening in Greece? India, BDW is suddenly taking to and I am loving my last few hours here :mastodon:

Don't you worry.
You'll definitely land somewhere tomorrow. 😃😄

@BhavanaVarun @Gargron he wont and he shouldnt .
The reason is India is in the grip of crony capitalists, which is best represented by facebook and twitter which always work to sub serve the authoritarian regime.
Thee will be a make believe excersise of showing him down as the one who will meet modi and surrender for a pic with him or he will be branded as a missionary !

@Gargron that's about life. You have to leave a place to be at other. Happy Traveling :)

@Gargron how do u feel, Indians are trying to forget twitter and joining this open platform?
Also, keep tooting from Greece.

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