New users are asking why I marked this as sensitive content. Mostly because I don’t like to see my own face staring at me from the timeline, but many people also appreciate a warning on eye contact...

I am new in this platform.
But, How I automatically followed you..?

@iammunimaslam This is because you automatically follow the admin of the instance :-).

Welcome here! ;)

@FirstProgenitor @iammunimaslam There is no forcing. It’s a default. The admin can be unfollowed. Forcing would mean you can’t unfollow.

@alex ‘sensitive’ doesn’t automatically mean NSFW, though. it’s similar to hiding stuff that could stress people out behind a CW. more like very broad-spectrum courtesy, not just ‘will or won’t a person get fired for looking at this at work.’

@gekitsu @alex Yes, we specifically don’t use the term NSFW because it’s got nothing to do with work

Transphobia mention 

@alex @Gargron it is not NSFW. A friend on spectrum has his anxiety skyrocketing by eye contact. That might be the reason.

@Gargron I'll be in Leipzig for this December. Hoping to meet you there!

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