I have added Hindi, Marathi and Kannada to our translation portal:

@Gargron Requesting for Tamil and Malayalam as we have a good influx for both these languages.

@Vishsai @Gargron it's a Foss platform, anyone can contribute :) help them translate

@Gargron Urdu is Largest spoken language in 220 million Pakistan & by most 200 million Indian Muslim's. Please make.sire you have Urdu language. Which is the parent father language of Hindi

@Revler @Gargron not just the Muslims. It's the primary spoken language in our city. But yea Pakistan really does need Mastodon.

@Gargron good, knowing the majority of people's demand...😅😅😅😁😁

@Gargron if you're trying to get a bunch of your users from India make sure you don't get the ones who'll be doing 100 posts a dollar for their employers

Welcome to India, the land of diversity !
Home to thousands of languages, and millions of Gods.
Cultures, festivals, food, spirituality, yoga, ayurveda, races and traditions.
You can't really find India, but find yourself in India !

@Gargron Add Bengali too. Lots of liberals disgusted with Twitter are here.

@Gargron Great! Now please add Bengali too.... has tremendous reach!

@Gargron Can I mention that the Telugu localization I’ve seen thus far has been *excellent*. More needs to be translated obviously, but so far so good.

@Gargron This was very thoughtful of you.

I'd recommend that Malayalam please be added, since there are may folks from the state of Kerala in .

@skatsoil @Gargron malayalam and bengali would be other two languages I suggest to add..

@Gargron Shouldn’t you be adding Gujrati too?

India’s Prime Minister and Home Minister are Gujrati.

Once they know people are on mastodon, they might try to pressurize you in succumbing to their demands of snooping.

It would be nice to test you on your promises 😉

@Gargron add Tamil தமிழ். Worlds oldest and still spoken language. Mother of all indian languages.

@Gargron Lovely. Would love to help with translations in Hindi and Marathi. Could you add Konkani and Malayalam too?

@Gargron Can you add the language 'Malayalam' also to the portal. I would really appreciate it.🙏

@Gargron ಕನ್ನಡ ಅಳವಡಿಕೆಗೆ ಧನ್ಯವಾದಗಳು 🙏 thank you for adding kannada .

@Gargron Thanks for adding Indian languages. Thanks for adding telugu.

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