As promised, code of conduct has been updated to add "casteism and advocation of casteism" to the list of explicitly prohibited offenses

@Gargron I'm sorry I liked your post 3 separate times I have a broken mouse it's driving me crazy

@Gargron 10 points to ravenclaw!!! Good work, keep it going

@oz India has a hierarchical caste system. Lower castes face discrimination from upper castes. This practice is called casteism. @Gargron

@h_tejas @oz @Gargron *Indians anywhere too, Tejas Harad. I've never been to India, as generations before me but we face casteism in another country since 5ever. I did even after moving to a new country where no one knows me and on the internet broadly. Only thing I did not get really is Indian trolls, but I did not engage w/ any in birdsite threads. I pre-emptively blocked some maybe.

@oz @Gargron

When humans discriminate humans, under the false pretense of supremacy, its castiesm. It still exists in various forms and has resulted in social injustice or institutionalised discrimination.

Generations suffered because of this humiliation and were denied their basic human rights. It is a slap on the face of humanity.

Then, there are deniars and naysayers who say
“Caste discrimination doesn’t exist anymore.”

@BhavanaVarun @oz @Gargron I've seen many indians comment the last last in the tweets amd posts of foreigners.
cAsTe sYstEm dOesN't ExiSt

@Kasheer @oz @Gargron

Just ask them why!
And then listen to their stories carefully. All have an 'imaginary' friends who might have confirmed their claims. Something like..
"I am not racist, I have many many many black friends."

We have enough of flat earthers & genocide deniars. Those claiming normalcy in Kashmir. Those who believe lynchings & rapes never happened. For them, Sab changa si (all is perfectly fine, there ain't no sufferings)

@Gargron code of conduct like these are respite for people from India.
Currently our country is experiencing too much divide of ideology, faith and above all justice system based on caste and religion.
Other platform has been taken over and is coolness to sore eyes..with our purge on it you will see a huge influx of people coming soon...
Thank you we already feel welcomed.

@Gargron Can you add discrimination against religious minorities or discrimination based on religion in general to the prohibited offenses list?

@Koshy @Gargron my first instinct was to second this, but it needs to be worded in a way that doesn't result in tos violations, however technical, for:

- genuine statements of religious doctrine that explicitly say another doctrine is false (denying/affirming the divinity of Christ, etc.)

- criticisms of religious doctrines on their merits

- trying to get or keep people out of dangerous cults

@Koshy @Gargron
- criticism of religious establishments that are being used as an unjust appeal for obedience to the powerful

which i think the earlier "religious minorities" wording helps avoid

@Gargron great news.... much better than twitter which had become so partial.....

@Gargron Your empathy to geographic issues will make this platform an excellent place to be.

@Gargron Thank You for making this a safe inclusive space! It is exemplary.

@Gargron So this is how it feels huh? To have a social platform actually listen to suggestions?

@Gargron Thank you for your concern..
Will @jack soon join mastodon 🙏💐

@Gargron Thank you. While reporting a rogue account yesterday, I has entered the word in the free text field. must never have thought of this category to be part of moderation, until happened. That's just a sneak peek into how filthy the modern Indian SM space is.

@Gargron Thanks, i cant believe at year 2020 we still have to deal with this shit

@Gargron Ur creating a new wave of change and advocating equalitarian values.Thankyou for providing respite for many .

@Gargron yay that trolls can be ejected but still sad they'd try to spread their poison here too.

@Gargron even look out for bio, dont allow to write caste on the bio or header. Indians have a habit of portraying caste every where. Zero tolerance on bigotry

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