People who like graphs, here is the recent spike of activity thanks to India discovering Mastodon in the context of the last 6 months of

Some of us are your unofficial marketing people on twitter ❤️

@Priyodit @Gargron
Arrey char din se, mera twitter mein sirf mastadon-mastadon kar rahi hoon.

@Lawandemotions Its fine.. This is anyway refreshing here. bwt.. Hello..

@Lawandemotions haha.. thank god you are.. are you rich? looking for a son to adopt? Damn you make me feel so young.

@Priyodit Ha ha.. It's FB for me. I dont quit Twitter. Nobody knows me there anyway so.. @Lawandemotions

@Lawandemotions FB never lets you really deactivate it.. If you log in now.. it will reactivate. @Onlylikethat

@Lawandemotions Yes that. Not to return again. I did that and just tried to log in after a year and it logged me in and I had 1500 notifications ready. @Onlylikethat

@Gargron and this would have happened in the last 3-4 days after the outrage on twitter, the blocking of Sanjay Hegde

@vinayaravind Processing required for user-generated activities (posts, follows, etc). In technical terms, this is a graph of Sidekiq jobs (green for processed, red for failed)

@ManojGramath Posts don't fail. Distribution to other servers can fail due to network issues, which is then retried until it succeeds.

@Gargron mate, you better prepare to scale up.
Indians usually grow exponentially...😊

@Bloodyatheist @Gargron Exactly. Sane educated Indians are exploring here. Twitter will shortly be a thing of past ☺️☺️☺️

@Gargron The lines need legends. Beside that, what are the challenges are you expecting with this surge in numbers?

@Gargron Boost with comment option please Love From India 🙏🙏

@Gargron graphs explain things quite well, I like them. Speak with data is a good advise for sure.

@Gargron what happened that caused people in India to start using Mastodon?

@danschnau @Gargron fascist gov, police policing on twitter, Twitter banning leftist accounts under pressure from the gov, popular judges, journalists etc announcing that they're switching to Mastodon, tons of journalists and left media and ofc many of their followers following them here. So basically famous leftist folks.

@Olivia i think some indian politician got suspended from twitter which was just the straw that broke the camels back w/ twitter fucking over indian leftists a ton. the politician then said he'd move to mastodon n that's where we are now lol

@Gargron I hope you are ready for more of us joining in. I just spoke to some friends from Pakistan to join us here.

@ppurva @Gargron That would be a bonus for us at mastodon. Finally we will be able to interact with people across border without any acrimony & without "go to Pakistan" jibes from our Indian rw trolls. I was wondering how to we interact with Pakistanis, see their toots and they see ours?

@Gargron @Gargron @Mastodon @Honor666 its going to surpass twitter soon in india..... Twitter is being played by the govt... Here its afree hand

@Gargron Do you have similar stats for other countries? Interested to see how Maldives is doing.

@yas1r Sorry, we don't have any information about where users are from. Mastodon collects the minimum amount of information required for operating.

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