It's so beautiful to see masses of people switch to Mastodon / the fediverse. Big hope feels.

@Gargron you can say that again :)

wish i could convince my friends to give it another chance, though :( sigh

@Gargron It is indeed a good platform. Would be grateful if you can follow me back as I have few suggestions.


While it's nice to have them in the #Mastodon #fedi, it's sad that they're all flooding into a node that is #centralized on #cloudflare. is a poor choice because it's not trully #decentralized and it feeds yet another centralized oppressor. users should choose a different node. This is important before they accumulate followers, because followers are not portable when switching nodes.

@Prav @lashman

@aktivismoEstasMiaLuo @Gargron @lashman thanks for throwing some light on it. Will surely explore the others.

@Gargron okai temme... where do u get the name mastodon and toot

@DILIPDRAVID The name Mastodon comes from a prehistoric animal, which is a fluffy elephant essentially. There is a band called Mastodon which is where I learned about this animal from.

The word toot comes from the Mastodon community. There was a long period when things were called just "publish" and "status" and people were coming up with different things to call them.

@Gargron wow.. interesting.. and thanks for sharing😍😍 mastodon👌👌

@Gargron @DILIPDRAVID - good to know and thank you for sharing . Do you ever see becoming someday 🐘

@vijaya @DILIPDRAVID No, because of association with a certain president 😦

@Gargron @vijaya @DILIPDRAVID Dunno if you have Ancestors:The Humankind Odyssey it's a game but many people have made a series of it. It gives all scientific names of people. I did see mastodon in there as well :)

@Gargron @vijaya @DILIPDRAVID I actually learnt a lot from seeing the game, for e.g. before homo sapiens, there were homo erectus, lucy and the others way before. Almost 8-10 species between ape to man evolution. Was pretty instructive :)

@Gargron @DILIPDRAVID but mate you can put a easy name like crowler, parrotic 🤔

@Gargron, had just started to read about them on wikipedia 😄Nice trivia.

@Gargron Hi there
Is there an issue, should I see federated toots on my local scroll, galore at that?
Just wondering.

@gazeshift Federated and local toots on federated timeline, local toots only on local timeline, both (but from people you follow) on home feed.

@Gargron Of course, but suddenly there is a flood of the federated ones on my local timeline. That's why I was a bit puzzled.

@gazeshift Those are local toots. If there is no second @ in the name, those people are on the same server as you are. "Local" as in "on the same server" (, not geographically. In your preferences you'll find language filtering options.

Were we down for a couple of hours?
All good now?
HNY and cheers.

@Gargron unless you suppress the sane voices and mastodon doesn’t become a platform for hate and bullying

I havn't used it much. I like that it is more of a people's social connection arena with no agenda for currency making. I still use FB but only on a PC with Opera 'n' VPN. FB status tells me it has no location for me using it through that. Currently I am not using any Google Apps. I have a Google Android Phone but not signed in and am interested to make a more neutral phone.

@Gargron - please mind the "Decentralize!" mantra as well... ;-)

@Gargron but where the hell are our earlier notifications feed ?

@Nadiim I'm confused. You can scroll your notifications as far back as you need.

@Gargron no bro it's not working and not showing my last day's notification too.

@Nadiim Did you press "Clear notifications"? If you have, they're gone. If you haven't, maybe your app is bugged. You can check if they're there from the website.

@Gargron no i didn't press this clear tab. It is by default showing like this.

@Gargron see this..It's not showing even you mentioned me now in your toot

@Nadiim @Gargron try from the website they should load from there


It was an easy decision, 'cause i found here no hate, no people who are trying to tell me, what to post and what opinion i should worship.

I found a nice community in helping each other, open to all questions and so i named this ... my comfort-zone 😊

@Abhi_offl @Gargron @Venkypawanism11 yes, we all joined because of him!!

pls rls official app and few more improvements then bye bye to Twitter 😁

It's less beautiful to watch the masses of people get attacked and driven away from the network for having centrist views.

@Gargron I just can't stand fb anymore, all the "angry reacts" under anything controversial, user attacking each other after like 3 comments. I will only use it for my #meme groups now. Will tell my friends about #Mastodon

@Gargron I've been using it for 2 days and I must say that it feels super snappy and the UX has been great so far. Superb job!

@Gargron I am testing the waters here. If all goes well, I would like to send information about your site to Alabama Power, Disney, AT&T, and Directv to get them to switch to over here for customer support services. Journalists should all be switching to here!

Hi, Namaste 🙏 new here and excited to be part of Mastodon community.

Love the 🐘 Elephant mascot & cool words like Toot and fediverse(sounds like Terry Pratchett's Multiverse) 😀 .
Love from India 🇮🇳
P.S: Twitter was becoming too 'Toxic' for me.

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