Am I alone in thinking that it would be confusing and unnecessary to have a "save for later" feature in the form of "favourite" as well as "save for later" in the form of "bookmark" side by side? :thonking:

@Gargron yes because i dont use favorite to mean "save for later"

@dankwraith @Gargron yeah glitchsoc (which i don't use on this server fwiw) has a bookmark feature and i really like it. i bookmark very few posts; i _like_ a vast majority of the posts i see

@er1n @Gargron yep i use glitchsoc bookmarks for extra special posts and i love it, i like that only i can see them too.

@dankwraith @er1n @Gargron +1 to that ( when i'm on h.t and have glitch. over here i just... don't save for later )

@dankwraith @Gargron to expand on this
If the point of the favorite button is save-for-later, why is it federated?
Does the poster of a given post need to know who saves their post for later?
What for?

@dankwraith @Gargron I also do not use favourite to mean "save for later."

Another instance I used to be active on actually forked the original code to add a "save for later" function, which:

a) acted more like a bookmark function

b) didn't send a notification to the person whose toot you were saving

I used it sparingly because I was using it for toots I truly wanted to save for later, rather than "favourite," which I mostly use as a sort of "thumbs up" acknowledgement of a good post.

@dankwraith @gargron

"Favorite" is a polite fiction.

We all know the star is a "like" button.

@apLundell @dankwraith I don't understand why we have to change our terminology just because Twitter changed theirs in a chase for facebook's popularity. They've been favourites, they remain favourites.

@Gargron @apLundell your design intention and how a feature is used by users are not equivalent

@Gargron @apLundell @dankwraith we may fav many toots just for appreciation but save imp. Toots for later info

@Gargron @apLundell @dankwraith I agree with what you said but I also use "favorite" in the sense of "like". Bookmark would be a function more private and maybe like an archive?

@gargron No need to change terminology.

In fact, polite fictions can be socially useful. (And "Like" is a little too narrow in its meaning.)

But, as a practical matter, I don't think the star button is fulfilling the role of a bookmark feature, even if we _call_ it "Favorite".

A true "bookmark" feature would not send a notification.

When a feature sends a notification, it is adopted socially as a form of communication.

@apLundell @Gargron yeah this is how I have been using the favourite functionality. To me it's something between a thanks/thumbs up and an ACK. If I want to bookmark something I prefer to use my browser.

> When a feature sends a notification, it is adopted socially as a form of communication.

Because it is. Any thing capable of sending a signal can and probably will be used as a form of communication.



I think it's important to understand that a large amount of people use the favourite button basically as a "like" button to give positive feedback to the person posting, which is not the same thing as wanting to save something to find later, which I personally would do for far fewer posts than I fave

@SeanAloysiusOBrien @Gargron Adding a star to Mal's post as a like. That's what I imagine people do too.

Maybe leave the Star as currently, and you could have another icon for a bookmark, new feature.

@SeanAloysiusOBrien @Gargron what? are we talking of Mastodon?

Because I thought the topic are browsers and I am confused now 😆

@Gargron I don't think I quite understand the point? Isn't that what favorites are for?

@devosmium @Gargron its what they were intended for, but most people actually use it either as a like button or just to say "i saw your post and im not ignoring you, i just don't have anything to add"

@minus_zero @Gargron ah, thanks for explaining! As to Eugen's question, I think that'd be helpful, but only one button.

@gargron I would like to save posts for later that I don't necessarily like. I just want to save them to respond later or to refer back to them later.

@Gargron agree with you, not necessary. if i wanted to save a post but not boost/fav it for whatever reason, i'd just screenshot, or copy the link to it and save it somewhere

@Gargron That's what I thought at first but there's a point somewhere.

Favourites are often used as "likes" or "loves" instead of saving for later I think

@Gargron favourites aren't really a "save for later" though, those get sent to someone

@Gargron I'm firmly in the camp of those who would like the two separated. I'd like to be able to give people affirmation by favouriting (or better, liking, because favourite is too extreme) their posts and I'd like to separately save some things to read for later.

@Gargron The first one, liking, is by nature public. Saving or bookmarking for later reading is I think something one can do privately.

@Gargron it probably would but it may not be a bad thing to do something like the twitter retweet button where if you hover or dwell on it it pops up an options menu, then one option is "Read Later" the other is "Bookmark" then just expose them more easily to the user and possibly make the default action of hitting the bookmark button configurable.

@gargron No, cause I'm using the Favourites for anything that I want to read later as well as Favourites (sorta like a bookmark item)

@Gargron „save for later“ will be a nice Feature, if it‘s used to save a draft of a toot.

And nothing else.

@Gargron yeah just bookmark will do I really find them useful to not lose / miss something I am following (like news) and I am collecting sources to write what I think of afterward

@Gargron I think that a crucial difference in implementation is that a bookmark should not be visible for anyone else. Other than that, the name suggests different functions; newcomers might not consider the possibility of using favorite to save something, because they think it is just a "rank".
Not saying having both (or either) is necessary. There are plenty of solutions for bookmarking general internet links.

@Gargron bookmarks helps us, it helps us save news articles we want to read later

@Gargron When I want to bookmark a link, I bookmark it? Another bookmark function is unnecessary?

@Gargron favorite is for long term reference. Bookmark is for short term. And bookmarking a toot won't show up in notifications, while favouriting it would.

@Gargron Used the favourite icon to bookmark on Twitter for many years until Twitter prostituted the platform with “like”.

I think it would be a good distinction, like to like, bookmark for future reference.

Why waste space in the database? Leave it for client installed apps to handle they have plenty of space. Trending tags would be more useful.

@Gargron I use "favorite" as favorite and bookmark. A bookmark without notification would great.

@Gargron Does anyone actually use favorite as a "save for later" button?

@Gargron some of us are habituated to positively reacting to posts by favouriting them. We bookmark the stuff we want for future references.
It's not redundant. Please add. 🌺

@Gargron I also use favorites as likes, we're humans, we like to show appreciation, and would be nice to have a like button and a bookmark button as separate functions.

I've never used the bookmark feature and have no idea why one would.

@Gargron I'd use the hell out of a bookmark button. Right now my save-for-later's get lost among my I-appreciate-your-worthwhile-post's

@Gargron They're both important. We often like posts for various reasons. But having an equally easily accessible feature for bookmarks will help in bookmarking important things.

@Gargron what would be the difference though. Isnt both the same like for future reference 🤔

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