@Gargron Wow! It's a beautiful place. I could easily go & live there, would love it infact. Have they not heard the word 'refugees' though, there are a bunch of them?

@Gargron I guess this is similar to how companies will offer you a relocation bonus to help you move so they can hire you

@Gargron Huh. I imagine as a tech person, if I were to do something like that then my target business would probably be ISP. Charge a subscription and hook people up with ethical internet access (especially in an area with little to no coverage), and contribute to higher tech-literacy, and probably preach some software freedom along the way :D

@OTheB @Gargron I mean, €700 is great for rent and everything else, guessing life expenses aren't that big of a deal there, but to start a business? yeah, that's gonna be harsh, especially in a rural village, might I remind you; ISP sounds good, but I'm guessing that the population isn't that big and most people get it through satellite or whatever

@trickster @Gargron Yeah. Mostly just ungrounded ideas. I live in a pretty small village (like 6000 people iirc) and there's literally like 2 people I know have businesses, and one of them is a pub. You'd need to really know what you're doing to take up that kind of offer.

@OTheB crap mate, you've already got a leg up, city rat all me life

@trickster Nah m8 I was born in sauf-ees' lundan inni' but only lived there for like 5 years.

Now though I kind of prefer the mid-point of the two. I really hate the much more built up areas in the middle of cities, but tiny villages are really boring and isolated. Kinda fortunate my workplace is literally right on the very edge of $city and it's a nice mix there, like there are houses and really easy connections to the centre, but it still feels relatively peaceful.

@Gargron That’s pretty cool. I wonder if there’s ever been a documented example of a scheme like this actually working to revive a town.

I suppose there would have been a lot more people interested if it was $27,000 every year instead 🙂

@Gargron read the article, the head will spin, you have to set shop in a place no one lives! 😂

@Gargron Yeah, but they will let people die fleeing war and hunger on the way to Italy. The navy is actively fending them off.

You know, in Italy we use to say that Molise doesn't exist as a jokeor meme material... and that's kind of true.

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