Follow is updated with the bookmark feature developed by @Thib.

I can already see that the action bar now looks too crowded so the bookmark function will maybe move to the dropdown menu soon.

I've also imported the Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Urdu and other new translations from Crowdin. If you would like to see those translations completed, you can contribute here:

Please look at that page before asking for new languages to be added! They are probably already there!!

@Gargron @Thib As I said in [issue 10810][1], maybe the log out could move to the dropdown menu instead.


@melunaka @Gargron @Thib just to share something. I had to log out and back in to see bookmarks as a valid thing. It would be nice to also talk about that bit as well.

@melunaka @Gargron @Thib another interesting thing to watch out is would the bookmarks be also included in the archival process. That would be interesting if that can also be done. Maybe have all the bookmarks in csv format (unlike firfox which saves everything as bookmarks.html.

@melunaka @Gargron @Thib the benefit would be it would be more easily compressed. Would be looking forward to see that if it becomes part this upcoming weekend.

@Gargron we need Urdu Language officially both in translation & text format.

220 Million Pakistani , most of 200 Million Indian Muslim's & 55 Million Urdu Indian speakers & many many More, speak Urdu.

Urdu is the parent language of Hindi.
Please don't neglect Urdu delibrately like Hindutva Fascist Twitter did.

@Revler @Gargron Sure, a lot of Urdu loan-words in Hindi, both came into existence simultaneously, Urdu influenced Hindi more, than the other way around, Persian/Arabic the Urdu parent being the court language was bound to affect the development of the local spoken Hindi dialects but, why & how do you deem Urdu a parent of Hindi though? Did it not come from Sanskrit? Calling them cousins or childhood friends would've made more sense.

@Owaisbukhari15 ignorance

I can go into deep historic, history of Urdu lingua Franca.

Urdu is born & created in Hyderabad.

Urdu is the parent language of Hindi, not a word influenced from 'Brahmin only' language of Sanskrit. Or khadi boli, as it's often presumed.

There are no Hindi transcripts prior to 1903,
Not a single one.

It wasn't even a language until 1931.

Hindi was officially recognized 1951, out of Brahmin Savarna Hindu inferiority Complex from Urdu.

Let's just leave it here.

@Revler Interesting, I'll have to read up on the matter then. Maybe, i too have fallen for the Sanghi-brainwashing. Give me a few days, I'd love to get back on the matter.

@Owaisbukhari15 Urdu language is born, nurtured, curated in Hyderabad (then Islampur)

It's surrounded by Dravdian langues & lingua Franca speakers.

It retains Persian Islamic Farsi, Islamic Arabic & Islamic Turkic, with Muslim-Mongol dialects. No influence from Pre Islamic era.

Exclusively Muslim & Islamic lingua Franca.

How on Earth do you make so many presumptions ? Ignorance

Reading too much of Brahmin Hindi Propganda? Colonial British orientalism? or Bollywood filmi drama's ?

@Owaisbukhari15 And u don't understand, why are you getting all riled, to deminish or belittle Urdu language.

And start comparing it with Hindi or anyother language.

What's wrong if I speak my mother tounge Urdu language, of Hyderabad.

Urdu is born, created, curated, nurtured in Hyderabad.

My challenge still stands

//Show me one Hindi transcript & document before late 1840's.

You can't find a single one, my challenge to anyone.

Hindi was developed in 1850's formalized by 1950's//

@Owaisbukhari15 Urdu is formed by Islamic Bahman Sultanate Muslima, to bridge the gap of different languages & Ethnicities of Muslim Armies

No Sanskrit was used. Not one bit.

*Crux of Urdu is Ummayud-Arabic
*Lingua Franca is Arabised-Farsi
*Base is Chagatai Turkic
*Mongol-Muslim dialect Ex: Titular
*Vocabulary is Entirely Arabic-Turkish
*Entire Lingua-Frame work Deccani

Urdu is the only language the World, which can express emotions & scientific language, in merely "140 words" & vocabulary

@Owaisbukhari15 Entire Urdu language was made by top brass of all & Deccani Muslims Scholar's

First & Foremost to Fulfill scientific research

To deploy, mobilize, prepare & Unite Armies.
Word's Like Yalgaar, Jung, Chalao, Zarb, Taiyaar, Aslaha etc

Common Culinary Cuisine food's name's

Diverse linguistic Poetry to Unify Muslim Masse's population & Armies.

& Most importantly the 'Expression of emotions'.

To bridge the unspeakable 'missing Gap' in miscommunication, between every & any Muslim.

@Owaisbukhari15 I hope I have Fully explained it you.

I have not oversimplified it one bit.

I have explained it crystal clealy with all historical proofs. And theory.

I hope you read my full response.

@Revler I really appreciate the effort(not the insults though, I've confessed to ignorance on the matter myself repeatedly) but, I am yet to fully understand & comprehend how Urdu is the parent of Hindi. Like I said, give me a few days, simple wikipedia searches aren't helping either. And please calm down, i didn't make any other assumptions other than your disliking for a whole tehzeeb & zubaan over political differences, feel free to be proud of whatever you like.

@Owaisbukhari15 Thank you for understanding.

Facts are facts. But Never was my intention to hurt or mock anyone or any language.


@Revler I really wasn't riled, not then!
It wasn't a put-down of the Urdu language in any way, you made the comparisons, the connections, i was merely expressing my disliking on your oversimplification of the Hindi language as an illegitimate child of the Urdu language somehow. It may be an imagined/cocked-up bull by leaders of an independent India, call it a Sanghi dream or scheme, i still love all the languages i was taught in school. I'll stand against its stupid Imposition though, always!

@Revler @Gargron You and others who read/write Urdu can help completing the Urdu translation by clicking on the link mentioned in the too :) It's really easy.

@Revler @Gargron Urdu is there, but shows as only 1% complete. @Swatisani would you be interested in helping?

@Swatisani @Revler @Gargron then get on to the crowdin site and start. Nothing more is needed :)

@Revler @Gargron Urdu is the language of Love, Romance! The few Urdu words I picked up are thanks to Rafi Saab - the way he pronounces them!!

@Revler @Gargron urdu translations are already being worked on! However mastodon is a volunteer run project so they depend on well, volunteers, to actually do the work. If you speak Urdu (or any other language) and would like to help with translations, you can do so at

@Gargron @Thib Drop-down menu is the right place for it, I think.

@Gargron it feels very crowded to use (on mobile browser), too — I keep worrying I’ll hit the bookmark button instead of the fave button

@fedilab will you integrate support for this into the existing bookmarks feature of ?


Awesome work, Thib!! ❤️

Feature request : add support for organizing bookmarks into folders.

@Gargron @Thib

@Gargron @Thib Thanks, i am once again re-affirmed of my faith in Open Source and decentralized systems

@Gargron @Thib FWIW can’t see the bookmark feature on mobile or iPad. Yet too boot the laptop.

@Gargron @Thib Any documentation on how to do that for other existing instances?

@kushal @Thib Wait for next stable version release or get code from the master branch

@Gargron @Thib

Thank you once again, now toots.dgplug.otg also has bookmarks support.

@Gargron @Thib How can we know here that how much reach our Toot's have.

@Gargron Looks pretty good. Are there plans for this to go into the mainstream code and launch as part of a Mastodon update?

@alicerunsonfedora follows the upstream repository without modifications.

@Gargron Ah, I see. Will there be APIs for apps to interface with bookmarks in an upcoming update? Might consider adding it...

@Gargron Awesome! I look forward to seeing the update and being able to play around with it a bit.

@Gargron @Thib I personally find it will be good to just keep the bookmark function and remove the favorite button. So there are just retoot, reply and bookmark. No "likes". Also it would be great if there is also a comment function for retoot.

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