Happy to see @editor's server grow as more journalists make the move to Mastodon

@Gargron @editor
BTW have you been also following, the coverage of this upswing of the use of Mastadon, getting in Indian media. Of course the movement is being single handedly lead by @sanjayuvacha but I am sure it’s not long before it becomes a nationwide phenomenon.

@liberalvalues @Gargron @editor @sanjayuvacha @musafir I was skeptical about Mastodon ever having mainstream potential. But then my retired bank employee mother called me up and asked me which app is the best for mastodon. My jaw is still lying on the floor. Pls send halp.

@liberalvalues @Vrigu

Two good mobile applications:

Tusky. Twidere.

Both of these are good and free / open source software clients. They will not track you.

@abhas @liberalvalues Not many options on iOS 😪 . I used 'Toot!' and recommended her that. Works well but slightly expensive for an app.

@Vrigu @liberalvalues

I have no way to verify if the following are any good, but you could give them a try. At least they are free software Mastodon clients for iOS.

@abhas I used Amaroq. A little buggy. But as you mentioned, at-least it's free.


Sorry I was ambiguous. Primarily, I meant - "free as in freedom".

There might many software tools that are available free of charge (ie. gratis). Not all of them might respect you or your privacy.

@sunnylyngdoh @Gargron When I posted my handle on FB+Twitter, some "corrected" me saying it it's mastodon, not masthead. I am glad more people are joining.

@sbasu I remember that was my first reaction too. Only when I found your profile did I realise there was no mistake 😄

@sunnylyngdoh Haha! Oh there were other people who thought I have misspelled mastodon.

@sbasu @sunnylyngdoh @Gargron is a different instance than or However, they are hosted on .social. You can start your own instance and join the fediverse. 🙂

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