@Gargron another weekend being used to play catch up on all things i procrastinated over this week. You?

@Gargron I'm discovering the power of 2019 LibreOffice :blobuwu:

@Gargron Sup Eugen! Looks like Mastodon is really catching on!

@Gargron कभी कभी लगता है अपुनिच भगवान है

@Gargron Hope... of being a part of your Hindi moderation team.

@Gargron 'Up' is a direction, usually the direction opposite to gravity, but it gets a bit weird if you're in space

'Up!' is also a Pixar movie

@Gargron - Rebuilt my home network from scratch. Only the printer left to configure.

@Gargron not much, yet. Starting my day late. Getting ready for my trip tomorrow. Hope you are well!

@Gargron there's also internet shutdown, so people there aren't aware of anything like Mastodon

@khoshik @Gargron there are about 8 millions people, 🐦 site has removed millions of tweets.

@khoshik @Gargron mostly false news ...tweets about Kashmir....
Speak with u r true name

@khoshik @Gargron It's best if we actually get what the actual issues being faced by people. Of course there are good things out of it too but people shouldn't suffer in anyway. Everyone should show solidarity with all the people of Kashmir. They r our brothers and we should extend all possible support

@srinithy @khoshik @Gargron so there was no suffering before lockdown ? Such idiotic posts won't make any difference. Lockdown is only in particular section of Kashmir, rest of J&K is free and lock down is for a reason , we know all the reason. We all love Kashmir, so the change that's been brought forward will take tim to settle down for the betterment of India and J&K .

@Gargron India is not doing

While the capital city Delhi is selling oxygen for 299 Rs!

@Dhiv @Gargron yeah I read that too! They legit opened an Oxygen bar! 😂

@Dhiv @Gargron Just did a little bit of reading about that. its basically not related to pollution.

The infuse Oxygen with essential oils and aroma therapy to make you feel good. I think its just wrong timing lol

@Dhiv @Gargron

Interesting headline! But it says "The concept might be new in India but many countries have oxygen bars for recreational purposes and aromatherapy.... It helps in the detoxification of the blood and helps fight depression. It also helps with relaxation and even prevents disease while also alleviating headaches."

I'm definitely gonna check this out tho.

@Gargron Just left Hebron, Palestine, after 3 days there, did record me walking there: youtube.com/watch?v=ERM9kCsVmI

Now I arrived in Nazareth which is so completely different, it's hard to describe.

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