Okay! is updated with a fix for YouTube embeds devised by me and @hugo, as well as better dropdown options on toots: They will now properly show "unmute" when you have someone already muted, as well as offering the "hide everything from x" option. No need to open a profile for that anymore!

@Gargron @hugo did YT change something that broke embeds or is this just a enhancement?

@staticsafe @hugo They started requiring CAPTCHAs on video pages when they thought the traffic was automated. The CAPTCHA broke OEmbed discovery. The fix is caching OEmbed endpoints for domains, without hardcoding specific services.

@Gargron @hugo

Would there be a way to hide specific keywords from specific profiles?
Like being able to filter out "" from one specific profile but not from the others?

@Gargron @hugo - Now the "three dots" drop-down menu, to the right of edit profile, doesn't work. Clicking it doesn't reveal a drop-down menu. Nothing happens when clicking there.

@Gargron @hugo Can you pls provide auto complete for the search box on top left? Will make life so much easier.

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