I am now listening to the "vocal isolation" version of Altered State by Tesseract. Is there a version of that album I will not listen to?

@danhunsaker But if I won't listen to the silent version, won't I hear the silent version? :thounking:

@Gargron - i doubt you'd like the Barry Manilow version. You might listen to it, but you won't like it. @danhunsaker

@Gargron Try nescafe basement season 3 Pakistan or Coke studio Pakistan

@Gargron i love the band so much. the first time i watched them live they were playing before Meshuggah and I'd never heard of them. heard them play and fell in love with them...

funny thing post gig at a bar a very tall drunk guy comes and tells me how much he loves my Floyd tee and how much PF was an influence on their band. So i thought it was some band starting up and he'd come to watch the gig for Meshuggah as well... turns out it was Tessract guitarist. 😁😁😁

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