@Gargron The core issue is that people keep using that horrible platform. 🤷‍♀️

@Gargron what.. so there is an actual rule that says politicians or political parties posts are not allowed to be fact checked? That should be one of the first groups to be checked! Representing political views based on misinformation could do more harm than most other posts on that platform, it's kind of where the whole "fake-news" wave came from. Politics -.-

@vancha @Gargron Facebook's head of communications is Nick Clegg, former head of the British Liberal Democrats party and deputy PM under David Cameron. Politicians look after themselves

@Gargron Perhaps "going Dutch" will change to mean "walking away from too much bullshit".

@Gargron the art of shutting everyone's voice down. Look at Germany and there banning so called hate speach. Reality today in context is considered hate speech as they ban voices expressing what's going labeling it as fake news or hate speech. A tatic in a effort to provide protection for all lies being pushes as real news.

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