The official list of Mastodon apps is updated! Additions:

Mastonaut for Mac
Mast for Mac
Cuckoo+ for Web

Furthermore, @JPEG's Mast for iOS is now free!

@williamconna I didn’t know of this method! Tried it, but the download button is still greyed out. Maybe it’s not available in India.

@shinjini @williamconna I don’t have any problem downloading from India Apple Store. It just works fine

@rizwan @shinjini agree, from the start I thought it was not from blocking in India

@Gargron @JPEG great! It's been months that we don't have updates from other free iOS app. Finally an app that support (almost) all features on latest mastodon version.
I really hope to have hashtag trends and full text search on app soon, it's really frustrating to have such useful features only on PC.

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