Also I was outside and I've just come in and I have had no time to process what the fuck is going on with the Twitter thing


Jack Dorsey followed Mastodon on Twitter a month ago so it's not like he doesn't know Mastodon exists, take from that what you will

@Gargron so do you think they're trying to "outcompete" mastodon and replace it with their shittier corporate version?

@Gargron I've proposed Jack to have a look at ActivityPub. Let's see what he says.

@paolo That's a very optimistic take on the situation

@Gargron Jack said everything and nothing.
Maybe his new team will look at it, make a new logo and add a way to monetise the traffic. Sorted.

@paolo Cool, so twitter could have access to Fediverse's users data for corporate/marketing bullshit exploitation…

If twitter uses AP to interconnect to the Fediverse, I hope they will be blocked massively.


@devnull Unless you opt-out the users from search engine indexing they already have access to all the data as the Tooths are public.

@paolo No, they are not. Only the ones posted as public are, not (all) "the" toots.

And just because they are "public" doesn't mean you consent by default to marketing targeting crap by some random third party…


@devnull @paolo @Gargron

“When I shout into this megaphone people can hear me.”


@worm Just because you talk to someone in the streets/outside of your home, doesn't mean you're “shouting it in a megaphone", and doesn't make it legitimate for any random person or company to record everything you say "in public", without specific consent. Your statement is a shitload of bad faith…

@paolo @Gargron

@devnull @paolo @Gargron

You are using software designed to broadcast publicly, it’s is analogous to a megaphone. If you are worried about data scraping you should use federated social software. Mastodon doesn’t protect you at all, and being misinformed and hostile towards me is beyond uncalled for. Please reconsider.


1. You're the one who attacked me first…
2. Not agreeing with you that "lt's ok to collect and use data for targeted marketing necause it's all public" is not "being misinformed", and doesn't make aggressive marketing crap acceptable. Being totally unable to accept the fact not everyone agrees with your own views isn't my problem…
2.1 Again, it's wrong to claim everything you post on the @paolo @Gargron - 1/4

Fediverse is "public", there's 4 visibiliy levels. Admins can still access to non-public posts. It's still not public even if it's technically accessible to third parties. And public data doesn't imply automatic consent for any use any for-profit comaony wishes.

Posting public stuff just means you chose to give some info to people around. It doesn't mean you're shoutind "I accept that everything I post to be @worm @paolo @Gargron - 2/4

recorded and used for anything you wish, including marketing crap".
3. I'm not in the US… Like most people on Earth… Because acceptable to US laws doesn't make it acceptable to anyone "unless you're misinformed".

By the way GDPR requires freely given, informed, specific and unambiguous consent for data collection (there's exception when data collection is "legitimate" but marketing profiling and spam not one @worm @paolo @Gargron - 3/4

@devnull @paolo @Gargron

I have no issues scraping the posts you think are private. I was being polite and you’ve made me regret that. Won’t happen again.

@worm " I have no arguments left so I play the victim 😭"

Bad Faith again. I never said "private". I said non-public, but still technology accessible to third parties.

Thinking anything technically doable is acceptable just because you want to do it, and claiming people who do not agree that you have all the rights on their data are "misinformed", is not trying to be polite. It's succeeding at @paolo @Gargron - 1/2

being a big jerk. I'm glad I made you regret "trying to be polite". Fuck you and your US laws…

@paolo @Gargron @worm - 2/2

@devnull @paolo @Gargron

Also, legally, that’s wrong if you’re in the US. “Reasonable expectation of privacy.”

@Gargron I’d say there is a significant chance that Jack has a Mastodon account at this point. Looks like the Fediverse popped up on their radar screens recently.

@Gargron That's exactly what neoliberalism do. Become the "enemy" (but not exactly) to make disappear the enemy.

So, the war with the GAFAM(T) will start now.

will u take up any offer by Jack Dorsey to work for them?



@Gargron He is just a bigtech puppet. Trying to appease his globalist overlords. You have had them sweating for a while now.

@arjonnyp Nicely masqueraded antisemitism you have there…
Now get off my lawn!

@schmittlauch Did you actually just make a broad-stroke link between a criticism of communist global Chicom censorship and Jews?

Nice projection you go there.


@Gargron I hear he steals souls with his pocket change so never sell out! This already has a userbase. People won't like his new alternative anyway

@Gargron Oh, he knows. He’s not making money from it, and it’s becoming a viable alternative to his profit farm, which is why he’s pulling this bullshit.

@Gargron You haven't hit it big until a large tech company tries to destroy your idea

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