Is there any masto forks willing to pilot an abuse system that I'm aiming to launch in February? It won't work in mainline Mastodon (AFAIK)

@Gargron largely because of targeting, tbh. I've toyed/messed with glitchsoc more because that's what PV is on so I _could_ track to make it work but for a test, I don't think it'll matter that much

@jalcine @Gargron im interested in hearing more about what you have in mind

@trwnh @Gargron I'm still drafting a longer soup to nuts post about it! ideally out by Jan

@trwnh @Gargron nothing magical - more using what we have, what we know and using it to make interactions more "useful"

@jalcine i mean can you summarize it briefly? like it just sounds completely undefined rn so idk what you're thinking

@jalcine I'm not a soup to nuts person, I'll take that brain slop just fine :)

@jalcine Most of the differences between glitch-soc and upstream are visual now

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