@MrFix2010 Yes, admin of mastodon.social and developer of Mastodon itself

@Gargron great! Liking it so far, can you tell me how to change skin on iPhone app?

@Gargron @MrFix2010 the indy movement in Scotland are fed up of over policing on twitter , stupid limits, untrustworthy platforms and our voices being shut down. Bear with us - mostadon is new to most of us and we are trying to learn 😂🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿💙🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

@Jacobitejen @Gargron @MrFix2010 glad to see more people joining! be sure to spread out across instances (I see that many are on mastodon.scot which is good, but maybe get someone to start another dedicated instance for your movement?)

@mewmew @Gargron @MrFix2010 think we all just working out "instances" and "boosts" etc 😂 . People moving from social to scot so not sure will move again!! Good advice though - will look into it - what do you think @Jeggit

@Jacobitejen @Gargron @MrFix2010 @Jeggit yeah, it's kinda complex - if you have any questions you can ask me, I've been on this network for a while and know a good bit about it

Can you boost with a comment (like rt with comment) and does it matter what account you start up .social .Scot etc etc? How does browsing/following across distances work etc? Sorry! Bet you wish you'd never offered lol

* No, you can't boost with a comment. @ Gargron thinks it's broken and prime for abuse. (Personally, I would just allow a reply to show the original post instead)

* In general, admins filter/moderate the timelines of their own instance. For a big instance like .social or perhaps .scot, you'll see pretty much everything.

* If you have a full handle (like @ parnikkapore@mastodon.social) or a profile link, paste it into the search box. It's more reliable that way.

Many of us who support Scotland's independence getting suspended by Twitter so we're looking for a refuge.

@Gargron Scottish independence supporters, who are basically being silenced by Twitter 😉👍😁🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇪🇺

@Gargron some are still mistyping mastodon as mastadon, how do people keep doing that???

Got fed up with all the constrictive 'rules' on Twitter, so a fair few of us crazy Scots decided we'd move here.

@Gargron Twitter keeps banning us 😩 We’re all very well behaved! It’s the other arseholes who have the problem 🤷‍♀️😂

@MichelleGr4h4m @Gargron
Not this guy! I'm mad, bad & dangerous to know! Look....Fuck!!!
That's how crazy this guy is kiddies!!!

@BigTOverland @Gargron It’s hellish! If it isn’t the woke brigade mass reporting it’s the yoons!

@MichelleGr4h4m @Gargron michelle! Lovely to see you again. Xx. I've no quite got the hang of this site yet. But will keep trying. Want to put my piccy on, but it wont save my changes. I know its summit I'm doing wrong, I'll get there xxx

@Hhhhhunter @Gargron Aww thank you 🙏 I think we’re all in the same boat 😂😂 xx

@Gargron We are sick of being censored /jailed/ suspended on twitter - too much of a coincidence that it happens to so many Scottish Independence supporters especially as its looking as if we’re finally on our way! So here we are. Thanks for having us! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

@kensanata @Twentyfivebux @Gargron there was like a flood of Indians joining #Mastodon a couple weeks ago due to some oppression. It's a shame this only happens when #Twitter does a large scale oppression. BTW, you've chosen yet another #centralized service using repressive technology. mastodon.social is a #CloudFlare site. You should switch to a #decentralized node before building followers.

@Twentyfivebux @resist1984 @kensanata @Gargron @AndrewWatson This is not centrally moderated. It's open source and hosted by users. There are moderators, but that's as close to Twitter as it gets. Calm down.

@Jeggit @Twentyfivebux @resist1984 @kensanata @Gargron

It's more around the technology than the moderation. No need to panic, just something to consider down the road.

@kensanata @Gargron @Twentyfivebux I suppose I should also say how to avoid #CloudFlare #Mastodon nodes. Run this command to find CloudFlare-free Mastodon nodes: comm -13 <(torsocks curl codeberg.org/crimeflare/cloudf | sort) <(torsocks lynx -dump -nolist instances.social/list/old | awk '/%/{print $3}' | sort)

@Twentyfivebux @Gargron @kensanata hmm.. it's a little flawed b/c some #pleroma nodes end up in the output, but it's a good start.

@resist1984 @Gargron @kensanata no idea what you’re banging on about but you can be my first block :)

@Twentyfivebux In case you're curious, @resist1984 was trying to explain that, since all of the instances on the list they provided are using Cloudflare, people on those instances are (in theory) able to be silenced by Cloudflare.

They went into technical details very quickly, and it got hard to follow, but they probably don't mean any harm by it (to the extent that it's possible to predict the intentions of another, anyway).

"Mute", not "block", is probably more appropriate, but IUTY really.

#CloudFlare blocks from the reader's side, not the author. If Alice blogs on a CF site then Bob is blocked from reading it if CF objects to Bob's IP address-browser pair. And that's not theoretical -- it's certain.

CF dictates who can reach who. CF also pushes #surveillanceCapitalism via a forced #Google-served #CAPTCHA (depending on IP-browser pair). Using a CF service gives them power. @Twentyfivebux unwittingly supports #centralization & empowers CF by using mastodon.social.


Yeah, but I unwittingly support centralisation and empower CloudFlare by using Fosstodon, too. So, by whataboutism, thisisfine. 😛

Thanks for the point about it being the reader's side – I was thinking of the HTTPSification of HTTP sites, but most instances will be using Let's Encrypt before it's proxied through Cloudflare. masto.host's CDN (cf.mastohost.com) is Cloudflare, though, so they could still withhold images / videos for instances hosted there.

fosstodon.org is not on #CloudFlare

Also, it was "unwitting" for Twentyfivebux - not you hereafter if you've become aware of how CF works.

BTW, it doesn't matter who your CA is, the tunnel between outsiders & CF's site always terminates at CF. So, for example, if you were a mastodon.social user, CF would see your username & unhashed pw full stop.

@resist1984 Huh. I thought it was – it's on that list. Do more sites use cf.mastohost.com than just masto.host sites, then?

@resist1984 When you click on an image, it will serve you something from cf.mastohost.com.

I checked your tool, and it's not coming up as CDN'd or MITM'd, so why is it on your list? Or is the list of okay sites?

You've still not mentioned which list you're talking about. If you're talking about the bash code I posted, one list is populated with all nodes in the network, the other list is just CloudFlared sites. The command I posted suppresses the intersection of both lists, resulting in non-CloudFlared sites.

That's a mistake. It's likely that fosstodon.org was on #CloudFlare at one point in time - but they are no longer. I also checked to see if fosstodon was hosted by another harmful entity (AWS, MS, Google, or Apple), and the site is clean. I see no ethical problem with it ATM.

@Gargron This is where we are starting the revolution 😂

@Gargron would appear there's a lot of spurious closing of accounts, suspensions etc, for no apparent reason. No communication, no nothing. Coordinated attacks. Certainly suspicious

@Gargron we’re all migrating here because we’re fed up with twitter interfering in our politics

@Gargron By the end of next year, I fully expect the UK Government to be treating anyone against the UK union - as though they are a terrorist. They will be banning the word "Brexit" inside UK Gov after January officially. The UK is heading down the dictatorship route at a rapid pace. Expect to see more of us ;)

@Gargron so - if a hashtag starts gaining on a single instance - that is visible across all instances? That's pretty awesome - I like that.

@asjmcguire @Gargron
I'm quite looking forward to being a political subversive 😁

@BigTOverland @Gargron It's a bit of a shame that nothing else came of that Scottish Labour letter - because the things the escalating civil disobedience they advocated - was pretty bold.

@asjmcguire @Gargron
I'm all for a bit of civil disobedience but I think ad a movement we need to suss out what to do. The marches are good but do we need to start taking a few lessons from the french on how to do shit effectively

@BigTOverland @Gargron Yeah, there is a line though. We don;t really want tanks driving in to Scotland do we?

@asjmcguire @Gargron
No we dont - so we need to work out what to do that is fucking annoying but keeps us within the line.
I always reckon that small things, but a lot of folk doing it, send quite a big message.

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